Thursday, May 30, 2013

US Consulate and Goodbye Guangzhou

Thursday morning at 8:30 am was our US Consulate appointment.  We gathered into a room with about 15 other families and took an oath on behalf of our children.  I teared up looking around the room while all the parents stood with their right hand in the air repeating after the consulate official.  Then we went to the window one family at a time and finished up our paperwork.  After the consulate we went back to the hotel and just hung around the hotel all day.  Katie went swimming and then played with her friend Samantha.  Julia and I took a nice long nap.  

Outside of the US Consulate.  No pictures allowed inside

Our new friends from Texas

Friday was our last day in Guangzhou.  We enjoyed our last day at the breakfast buffet.  Katie got her last bacon and ham omelette.  Everyday Katie ordered a bacon and ham omelette and the guy making them was always so miserable.  Same guy everyday.  We named him "The Angry Omelette Guy".  So of course I took my camera to the buffet to get a photo of him.  We had to wait for our guide to pick up the children's passports with their US visa inside so we could travel home.  They weren't going to be ready until 3pm.  We packed up the room and let me tell you that was not an easy task after spending 11 days in the hotel.  We checked out and left the hotel at 2:30 pm.  Our guide dropped us off at the train station and we went through security and customs.  At 3:45 pm our guide arrived back to the train station with the children's passports.  We said a hurried goodbye to our guide and got on the 4:14 pm train to Hong Kong.  We arrived in Hong Kong at 6:12 pm and took a bus with the 4 other families in our group to the Marriott Sky City Hotel.  We all went to dinner and then said goodbyes to each other.  One family is from Texas, one family from St Louis, and one from New York(this family will be with us on the flight home).  

Enjoy our last pictures from China.  We are getting on a flight from Hong Kong to Newark at 10:15 am China time.  See you in the STATES!

The Angry Omelette Guy

Our home in Guangzhou for 11 days

Our wonderful guide Kelly

Loading up the bus

At the train station

On the train

We made it to Hong Kong

Fun in the hotel room in Hong Kong

Good night!


Life with Kaishon said...

I am so excited you are coming home! YAY!

I LOVE that you took a picture of the angry omelette guy. I wish you would have asked him for his email so you could send this to him : ).

Wishing you safe travels.

Jodee said...

Love the red, white and blue pictures!

The angry omelette guy cracks me up!

Enjoy the rest of your time in China! Travel safe!