Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What we have been up to the last 3 days...

Sunday we went to the Chen Family Temple.  It is very pretty with flowers and gardens.  They also had little shops for paintings and souvenirs.  

Then we were off to the Carrefour because we were out of diapers and snacks.  Needed to stock back up on cookies, chips, and crackers.  

Then dinner time.....more Chinese food!

Squeaky shoes...they squeak when she walks

Monday we went to The Six Banyan Tree Temple.  It is a Buddhist Temple.  According to our guide Buddhism is still the number one religion in China.  When we traveled to China to adopt Katie we visited this temple and had a Buddhist blessing of our family.  We wanted to do the same with Julia.  

 Rubbing Chinese money for luck and making a wish


This is where we had our family blessing.  One of the girls in our group got pictures with her camera of us getting blessed.

Then we walked through Lychee Bay Park

I've noticed so many dogs in public places off leashes and they stay with their owner. 

Out to dinner.  You guessed it.....Chinese food.

Then we stopped at 7-11 on the way home for ice cream.

Last night and tonight at the restaurants we went to the Chinese workers are very curious about us.  We attract a lot of attention going into the local Chinese restaurant.  Both nights at different restaurants the waiter and waitress picked Julia up and acted like they were going to walk away from us with her.  Both times Julia flipped.  Crying for me.  I'm not sure why the waiter and waitress did this but it sure felt good that she wanted her Mama.  

On Tuesday we went back to Shamain Island for some more shopping.  Two of the families that met back up with us in Guangzhou haven't been to Shamain yet so we got to tag along and shop again.  The shopping was great but it is so hot here.  Dan read the temp was going to be 88 degrees but with the humidity it was going to feel like 101.  That's how it has been everyday. We melt when we are outside. We have been spending most afternoons at the pool.  Katie will swim for hours.  A lot of the families that are adopting have been hanging by the pool in the afternoon.  It's nice spending time with other families like ours.  We have met so many nice people.  We took a taxi ride to THE ITALIAN RESTAURANT for dinner.  No chicken parm on the menu but I was able to get spaghetti bolognese.  Not the best I ever had but it sure was a nice change.  Katie got ravioli and Julia loved the ravioloi and my pasta.  After dinner we stopped at the Starbucks in our hotel and Dan, Katie, and Julia got dark chocolate cake for dessert.  Seems like all we do is eat.  I think that's why Julia likes us so much.

Julia at the breakfast buffet.  I could do a whole blog post on the breakfast buffet.  We are going to miss that every morning for sure.  

The girls walking along Shamain Island

Some people asked about The White Swan....it's wrapped in green in the background of this photo.  You can not go inside.  It was supposed to be done this year but according to our guide it is not going to be done this year.


Missy Kenny-Corron said...

I can't wait to go back and just SHOP! You all look happy, healthy and happy! Your mei mei is simply a sweetie.. such priceless smiles and Jie Jie is soooo gorgeous.. lovely to see the sisters... and you two! Enjoy.. everyday for quite a while after my trip in December of 2010 - I would wake up and be sooo disappointed there was no buffet in my kitchen... wonder if we ever get over that! LOL Hugs to you all...


Life with Kaishon said...

Yay! You finally gOt some Italian food : ). I think those squeaky shoes are genius for a mother if a toddler. You can hear where she is at all times. I am sorry it is so hot there. We are supposedto be starting a little heatwave here today. Thank goodness the pool opened on Saturday.

Lil Boysen said...

thanks for sharing the pictures... everyone looks so happy. the NJ girls are adorable and I am so glad she just fit right in with the family.... food is also a Popp trait. ask Karen. we love to eat!!

Kate said...

Soon you will begin your journey home...and onto forever! Love reading about your trip! Julia is doing awesome! Can't wait to meet her!

...and I STILL miss that breakfast buffet. Seriously. Good stuff. Sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaves...love love love!!! :-)

Safe travels home friend...see you on the flip side!!!