Friday, July 24, 2009

Flashback ONE Friday

Last Friday was our last day of vacation in the Outer Banks. I tried to take some beach pictures of Katie. It started to rain and I didn't get many but I love these two.....



Have a great to Cape May, NJ for Christmas in July.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Catching Up......FINALLY!

We are back from vacation. We had an awesome time in OBX. Blog post and pictures to follow....someday...LOL. I have been such a bad blogger. Summer is so hard. We are so busy and really enjoying all things summer. I have been a bad blog reader too. I do catch up with all the blogs I follow about once a week. I don't always comment but I am reading and enjoying following along.

Now for the catch up. We had a busy May.....Here is what we were up too. I will tell the story with my pictures.......

Katie at Dress Rehearsal in May for the recital in June

Bailey and I at Dress Rehearsal

Happy Mother's Day to me. A beautiful Pandora bracelet with 2 charms was in that silver box.

Me and my Baby on Mother's Day. I can't wait to learn Photoshop so I can fix my gray roots in

All the Mom's and kids on Mother's Day after dinner at Candela's.

Katie got a Big Girl Bed. She got a toddler bed when she turned 3 and was growing out of it. We promised her a Big Girl Bed for her 4th birthday and in March. We finally got the bed in May. She loves it. She looks so tiny in this big bed.

We planted our garden in May. Bailey and Brady have always helped me plant my garden. They love it. Now Katie loves it too. I let them have their our pots and pick their own flowers. They plant the flowers and take care of their pots all season. Some of the other neighborhood boys came over and helped too. They had a blast. It was fun watching the kids really get into it.

Brady helping Katie

All the kids working on their pots.

I attended Timmy's Graduation from Mulenberg College. I have known Timmy since he was born. Timmy is my friend Eileen son and my Best Friend Karen's nephew. I am so proud of him.

We had a Disney Planning Picnic at Emma's house. We are going to Disney in September with our good friends. Two of the families from our local adoption group and one of the families from our China Travel group. They live in Reno, NV and are meeting us there. Laura, Kate, Mimi, and I planned what we are going to do in Disney while the girls played and the men hung out on the patio. We called Erika in Reno and conferenced her in on our planning.

Emma enjoying her black olives.

Lia enjoying hers.

Thanks Kevin and Laura for a great time. We can't wait to go to Disney!!! 52 days!!!!

The Sunday before Memorial Day we attended Addie and Graham's wedding. Graham is my co-worker Ruck's son. We had a blast. I had some fun praticing still life with my camera.

Dan and I

Jeff and Karen

The girls

Me and my friends from work..Chris and Ruck

Our drinks

The centerpiece

The centerpiece again

The last weekend in May we went to The Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos. We had a blast! We will definitely go back.

Katie coming down the slide

Brady under the waterfall

all the kids under the waterfall when the big bucket dumped the water.

Well that was our May!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stay Tuned.........

I can't believe it's July and we leave for vacation in 2 days. We are off to the Outer Banks, NC again this year with family and friends. I thought I would have at least blogged about what we have been up too in May and June before our vacation was here. I am bringing my laptop on vacation and hoping to catch up on my blog during our vacation. So stay tuned......I will be back to write and read!

One of my favorite beach photos from last year.


Thursday, June 25, 2009


Katie running through the sprinkler at her friend Lia's house.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Keeping up is hard to do......

NOTE~I started this post 3 weeks ago. Not only have I been slacking on my blog but I have been slacking on writing a post about slacking.......

I am been seriously slacking with my blog and reading blogs. We have been so busy and I just needed a break from the computer. I was spending way too much time on the computer. I miss blogging regularly and much to my suprise people miss me too. I know I have a few regular followers and some have even reached out to say...."Hey, we miss you". It's amazing how many imaginary friends I have out there in blogland.

So, let me tell you what we have been up too. We have been to a ton of birthday parties over the last 2 months. I went
"Sewing by the Sea" again with friends in April and then the following weekend went to the Pixel Fairy Princess workshop in Philly. Being away 2 weekends in a row screwed me up for weeks. The weekends are usually when I get so much done around the house.

What we were up to in April~

Katie started Spring Soccer and Dan coached again.


Soccer Girl

We had a very Blessed Easter spent with family and friends.
Katie at our neighborhood egg hunt

Coloring eggs at Aunt Karen's house

Katie's eggs

Beautiful Girl in her Easter dress

We went to the Philadelphia Zoo with friends

This picture cracks me up. Katie is leaning against the glass but it looks like the gorilla is right behind her.

Pony ride

Well I was "sewing by the sea", Dan and Katie went to visit Aunt Kate and Uncle Tommy at their campsite at the Jersey shore.

Our Church had it's annual carnival
Jen and Karen
Karen and I working the First Aid/Lost Child station

The next night we had some fun at the carnival

Well that is the Highlights of April......May to follow.....

Sunday, May 3, 2009

PFP Philly Workshop

I was lucky enough to attend the Pixel Fairy Princess Philly Workshop last weekend. I was very excited and very nervous to attend. We have a great camera that Dan knows how to use but I do not. I didn't even know the lingo....FStop, aperture, etc.....????? So, that morning as Debbie aka PFP talked I started to have palpitations. How was I going to keep up? Well with the help of the amazing Pixel Fairy Princess I did keep up and I learned something along the way. I had an amazing time with some old friends and I made some new friends too.

Kate was the one who introduced me to the Pixel fairy Princess blog. I am inspired by Kate's photography skills and wanted to learn more myself. So I decided to join her for the workshop. Lisa and Ivy brought some amazing "models" for us to shoot. I was so happy to finally met Heather. What a fun gal! It was also great to met Bobbie and Cheryl. We had a wonderful time together. I can't believe I didn't get any pictures of the photographers or the Pixel Fairy Princess. I was too overwhelmed trying to learn.

I am going to post the link to some of my favorites from the workshop on

View slideshow

I am trying to practice my skills so I took Katie out last week for a photo shoot. Here are my favorites from that session.

View slideshow

I took Bailey out today to get some pictures for Karen for Mother's Day. Of course it was cloudy and raining. Here are my favorites. I am trying to decide which ones to enlarge for Karen as a gift. Which one is your favorite?

View slideshow

I am have been slacking lately in the land of blog. I was spending WAY too much time on the computer and I needed to stop for alittle while. The last few months have been so busy around here. I am hoping to catch up on my blog soon. I have so much to blog but so little time!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bunny goes to work

Last week I was leaving for work and I noticed Katie's bunny in my purse. It was the bunny she just got in her Easter basket. I asked Katie how the bunny got into my purse. She said she wanted me to take the bunny to work and show it to all my friends. So bunny came with me to work. I showed the bunny to all my friends. I work in a Cardiology office and do stress testing all day. So I decided to give the bunny a stress test! I am not sure if I have officially lost my mind.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter and some rambling.....

We had a wonderful Easter. I woke up to screams this morning that "the Easter Bunny came, the Easter Bunny came". Katie had a great time looking through her Easter basket while Dan made breakfast. Then we quickly got ready and off to 10 am Mass. We went to Aunt Karen's and Uncle Jeff's house for dinner. We had an Easter egg hunt for the kids in the backyard. Then off to Uncle Ed's and Aunt Dolores's house for a second Easter dinner. I am stuffed! Pictures to follow this week.

I wanted to send out a quick post since I have really been slacking lately with my blog. We have been so busy and I have been so worn out at night that I just want to fall into bed. My plan was to get back to blogging this week but I just realized that Dan left our external hard drive at his Aunt and Uncle's house tonight. He is having his cousin upload music to the hard drive. So, now I don't have any of our photos because they are all on the external hard drive. I won't be able to blog about all the fun stuff we have been doing without any photos.

So stay tuned for me to finally catch up on this blog. Katie has been to 5 birthday parties in the past 5 weeks. Katie started Spring Soccer. We had our annual neighborhood Easter egg hunt. We went on a trip to the Philadelphia Zoo. I know there is more that I am forgetting. Once I get the external hard drive back I will blog about of these fun times with pictures!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


So we are at Old Navy today getting a birthday present and Katie's walking behind me looking at everything. As we walked through the woman's dept towards the children's clothes, Katie stopped at a table covered with woman's underwear. She pulled a hot pink lace thong out of one of the bins and said to me...."Mommy, look isn't this a pretty headband?". I laughed and said "It sure is". She put it back in the bin and there was a lady standing there that got hysterical laughing. I said to the lady..."At least she didn't try it on".

Wednesday, March 25, 2009



Katie loves to do the dishes! I hope she still likes to do them when she is 15!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Uncle Jeff for Supervisor

On March 14th we marched in our local St Patrick's Day parade to support Uncle Jeff. He is running for supervisor of our township. The night before the parade we all helped Uncle Jeff get ready. We put Vote for Jeff RXXXX Stickers on lollipops and we tied Uncle Jeff's business cards on green beads.

The day of the parade we all wore green and Vote for Jeff RXXXX Stickers on our shirts. We gave out lollipops and beads along the parade route. Poor Katie didn't feel good. I didn't realize it until we got to the parade. She wasn't acting herself. She stayed in the wagon and I felt so bad. She wasn't sick the night before. She was sick through the rest of the weekend.


Getting ready for the parade


The beads


Poor Katie


Vote for Uncle Jeff


Uncle Jeff working the crowd


Uncle Jeff


Katie perked up alittle at the end

We had a great time supporting Uncle Jeff's campaign!