Saturday, May 25, 2013

Looking back and moving forward

Friday morning we went to the Guangdong Museum.  It was a very nice museum and we got to learn about Guangdong people and life.  After the museum tour we went to visit Julia's orphanage.  We were told because of the bird flu that we wouldn't be allowed inside but we could walk around outside and take pictures.   I was disappointed I wouldn't see her room and classroom.  She spent most of her little life in that place.  She spent the last 7 months in foster care but prior to that she in the orphanage.  Since we weren't going inside and she has been adjusting to us pretty well we all went to visit.  I am so glad we did because the Nanny that took care of her when she arrived at the orphanage at 5 months old came out to say good bye to her.  Julia fell asleep in the van ride to the orphanage.  She wasn't very happy when we got out of the van and she woke up.  The Nanny kept trying to pick her up out of the stroller and she was shaking her head no.  The Nanny picked her up anyway and she was mad.  Screamed.  The Nanny told us that she has a big temper.  LOL.  After the visit to the orphanage we took a ride to Julia's finding spot.  She was found at 5 months old by a pond outside of a hospital.  We went to the hospital and looked for a pond.  We only saw a fountain so maybe that was it?  We took photos of the outside gate of the hospital.  All I could think of was her birth mother and what a heart wrenching decision she had to make to give her up.  I silently promised to love this child and give her a wonderful life.  Hoping that her birth mother finds peace in her heart.  We looked back at Julia's life prior to coming into to our family and we are ready to move forward.  What a privilege that we got a little glimpse of her life before us. 

Later we went to the pool.  Katie is really enjoying the pool.  We ordered Papa John's and it was delivered right to the hotel.  Julia liked the pizza.  She is a great eater and will try anything.  Katie used to be like that.  All of a sudden Katie is picky.  

Before bed on Wednesday night

 Guangdong Museum

Katie ribbon twirling

 Outside of Guangzhou City SWI

Nannies waving good bye from the window
 Julia's Nanny

Lollipop and Daddy made it all better 

 Gate outside of hospital....finding spot.

 Later back at the pool there was a photoshoot
 Julia playing ribbons while Katie swam.

 Dinner by the pool


Night Night


Life with Kaishon said...

Oh, Jen. The finding spot made me cry. I know the birth mother would be so grateful and thankful to know you have Julia. You will love her unconditionally and give her the most beautiful life.

GM7 said...

Such a beautiful journey. I think she thought she was going to have to leave you and go back when the nanny picked her up....

Rebecca Miles Trunfio said...

You guys are awesome. Love reading about your journey. She is truly a Miles and loves you already! Pics are amazing!

Jodee said...

Wow! It looks like Julia is doing amazing! Love her big smiles!