Sunday, May 19, 2013


We arrived in Beijing on Friday afternoon China time.  Our flight from Newark to Beijing was 13 hours.  It wasn't too bad.  Each seat had it's own TV with on demand movies, tv shows, and music.  I watched 3 movies and several tv shows.  Katie and Dan did the same.  We all got a little sleep here and there.

When we arrived to the airport we met 2 other families that are traveling with us in Beijing.  We all rode the bus to the hotel and got checked in.  It was about 4pm (4 am) US time and we were exhausted.  We got a few drinks from the little store and went to bed.

Saturday we got up and went to breakfast.  Then we met up with our guide and 4 other families to tour the Great Wall.  There were 2 girls about Katie's age in our travel group so she had fun on the bus ride with them.  The were instant friends. First stop was the Great Wall.  Katie and her new friend Samantha went running and Dan went off to chase them up the WALL.  I was left in the dust.  That was ok.  I climbed a little and then stopped and chatted with some of the women in my group.  I am lucky enough to say this is my 3rd trip to the Great Wall so I didn't feel the need to climb after them.  I looked around and took it all in.  It was very smoggy so my photos are not the best.  Well I was chatting with the other woman several Chinese woman kept asking to take pictures with us.  We were like celebrities.  I just kept putting my arms around Chinese women and smiling. Dan and Katie climbed to the top.  She got a medal that is engraved with her name and the date and it says " I climbed The Great Wall".

 Our Group

After the Great Wall we had lunch at a Chinese restaurant and then went to the Jade factory.  We watched a demonstration on the different types of Jade.

Then we went to Tiananmen Square and The Forbidden City.  It was so wonderful to begin our trip in Beijing.  Loved watching Katie looking around her birth country and learning it's history.

Our guide, Grace
  This guy drove me nuts till I bought a fan.  Thought I got a good deal for $5

 UNTIL, someone in our group got 2 fans for $5 from this lady.

 Loved watching the people.

 For some reason this sign reminded me of my Grandmom Schaefer.  She always wanted us to "mind" her.

 Rubbing the nose for good luck

Saturday night we decided to venture out for dinner.  Of course Katie fell asleep in Dan's arms the minute we started walking (climbing the wall and waking up at 2 am wore her out).  There were so many restaurants along the streets and people eating outside.  Everything looked good.  But we didn't get adventurous.  We saw a Subway and got take out from there.

Streets of BEIJING.


Missy Kenny-Corron said...

Beautiful pictures... happy journey!

Ron said...

Quality pics. I feel caught up for now, but keep the updates coming.

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my word. I can't believe this is happening. SO EXCITING! : )

PS I think you are a celebrity also. I want a picture of you! I love that strangers wanted a picture with you!