Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It's Official!!!!

On Tuesday morning we went back to the Civil Affairs Office to complete the adoption paperwork.  They asked us if we were happy with her and we both shouted YES!!!  After we promised not to abuse or abandon her and that we would give her a good life and signed the papers it was official.  She is a Miles.  While we waited for our paperwork Katie chased Julia around the room and Katie got some really good laughs out of her.  After the Civil Affairs office we went to the Carrefour.  It's like a Walmart.  We got some water and snacks for the room.  Then we stopped at Shaman Island to get a stroller.  We went back to the room and had a few snacks and then off to the pool.  Katie was dying to get to the pool.  I put Julia's bathing suit on but she wouldn't go in the pool.  She did have fun standing at the edge squirting Katie and Daddy with her bath toys.  Next stop was the hotel play area.  Julia loved it.  We got lots of laughs and smiles when she went down the slide.  We ventured across the street to The Coffee Club for dinner. They have western food.  We gave Julia a french fry to try and a little ketchup.  She LOVED the ketchup.  She used the french fry to keep dipping and licking off the ketchup.  Aunt Karen she is a double dipper but it was her own ketchup so it was ok.  After dinner we went back to the room and both girls we asleep by 7pm.  Dan and I weren't too far behind.  


 Katie and Julia at the Civil Affairs office

 Carrefour's Oreo selection

 Enjoying some snacks back at the room


MIMI06 said...

Wonderful pictures! I glad everything is going so well!

Jboo said...

Oh my -- so sweet! Love seeing them together and become sisters and part of your adorable family!

Jodee said...

What a fun day! What a fabulous pool too. It looks like Julia is the perfect addition to your family! Such sweet sisters!

ChouchouPoussin said...

your daughters are very cute !
have a good trip in China.
Severine mother of two little one from China.

Life with Kaishon said...

This is so exciting! I love that you both shouted yes when they asked if you were happy! Can you imagine anyone not loving their baby and being excited? It kind if makes me sick to think about.

I am so incredibly happy for your family.