Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hannah Montana WHAT????

So I can't believe Katie knows Hannah Montana already and really likes her. Lauren at school brought in her Hannah Montana DVD and they watched it at school. Katie likes to sing the Hannah Montana theme song. Equiped with her microphone from one of her dress up outfits, she can really belt out the song. I took this video of her singing......ENJOY!


Kate said...


Hilarious....too cute!!! I love when you ask if she can do it again (sing) and she takes another bow...they are so literal!!

Well done!!


Kellyann said...

Already????? Oh no! I thought we had a few years for Hannah Montana

Laura said...

Emma calls Hannah Montana, Hannah on Tanna....she has no idea who she is, I'm keeping her away, we'll keep sprout on as long as we can.

Laura said...

I forgot to say how cute Katie Min Min is.....her hair is getting really, really long!!!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Katie is so adorable...that was is funny how they pick things up so quickly!!!

Look out Miley....there is a new girl in town!!!

MIMI06 said...

She is our super star!!