Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Frankie and Peep's House

When we ask Katie where she wants to go to get dinner she says "Frankie and Peeps house". Our favorite Italian/Pizza Place is Candela's. The pizza is great but we go for the great Italian food. Dan and I have been going to Candela's for about 10 years with Karen and Jeff. Jeff's family has been going to Candela's since Jeff was little. It is a lovely family owned place and over the last 10 years we have come to know the owners and waitresses well. Candela's is now run by the 2 Candela sons Frankie and Pete.

After we flew home from China with Katie we stopped at Candela's for dinner. It was the first place Katie went to in America. Since then Katie has been to Candela's more times then we can count. She fondly calls Candela's "Frankie and Peep's house". She started calling Pete "Peep" and it stuck. Frankie and Peep always make a fuss over Katie. She has even gone into the kitchen to see the pizzas being made.

My favorite is the Chicken Parm with Spaghetti. Dan's favorite is the Vodka Rigatoni with Chicken. Katie likes both. She likes my chicken with "Daddy's orange noodles".

We went to Candela's for dinner last Friday night and we had the camera with us so we took some pictures of Katie with Frankie and Peep.

The night we got home from China with Katie. Unfortunately this picture is blurry.

Katie with Peep and Frankie

Peep making the Pizza. Pete is always working while Frankie socializes with the customers

Frankie socializing!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Isn't it nice to go somewhere to eat and they really know you.....it is like your home away from home!

What great guys....looks like they run a wonderful business!

How cool.....it was Katie's first American meal....great photo!


Kate said...

"I wanna eat where somebody knows my name".....(cue schmaltzy Cheers theme song music).

So cute! I remember how you stopped there and I am still impressed by that....I could NOT wait to just walk into my own house...but it sounds like Frankie and Peep's is home to you! I want to go sometime. Maybe we could go to celebrate an LIDiversary!!

Hope all is well...I was out of commission yesterday and still playing catch up!!


Laura said...

Sounds like a nice place to go!! Let's make a date.

Chelle said...

She's an adorable little girl! BTW- Found your blog through the Qichun group. Always glad to "meet" another Qichun family.

Amie said...

oh that sweet little face is too much!!! What a doll. You have a beautiful family!

Thanks for stopping by the blog to visit!


MIMI06 said...

I will never forget that wonderful night at the airport and then to our favorite place to relax and eat good food.