Thursday, August 7, 2008

From Qichun

We are very lucky to have a very active online orphanage group. The group is for anyone who adopted a child from Qichun Social Welfare Institute. Qichun, Hubei Province. About a year ago one of the members came up with the idea of sending a scrapbook of all of our children to show the orphanage how well they are all doing. The people who participated sent one or two scrapbook pages of their family to the woman who made the scrapbook. Then a couple joined our group that was getting ready to travel to China to adopt their baby. This couple hand delivered our scrapbook to the orphanage and took pictures of the Director and Head Nanny looking at the scrapbook. This picture is of them looking at Katie's scrapbook page. What a great keepsake I have for Katie. The couple that delivered the scrapbook said the Director and Head Nanny really enjoyed looking at the scrapbook. They said they were talking and pointing at the pages. I hope Katie's Foster Mother sees the scrapbook and can see how well she is doing.


Kate said...

THanks for posting this. It just gives me goosebumps!! It is a lovely keepsake for Katie Min. I hope I can send an update to Lia's orphange one day soon!!


Laura said...

That's great that they got a picture of them looking at Katie's page. A very nice keepsake.


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Yes, this is a wonderful keepsake for Katie!

What a great idea for your group to send them a scrapbook!

I do hope her foster mother got to see it....she is such a beautiful little girl!!

Kellyann said...

How neat and what a treasure to have for Katie.