Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day in Guangzhou

We left Wuhan, Hubei Province bright and early on Valentine's day. Our guide, Cindy was already at the airport so I volunteered to make sure everyone was on the bus and I was dying to get my hands on her microphone. I gave alittle speech as we left Hubei. It was sad to leave Katie's province. We really enjoyed our stay in Wuhan. We didn't get to visit her orphanage in Qichun. This something that I really wanted to do. Someday we will take Katie back to Hubei and we will visit Qichun and her finding place.

We arrived in Guangzhou and Dan took Katie right to get her visa picture taken while I checked us into The White Swan Hotel. We decided to treat ourselves and upgrade to a suite at The White Swan. After being in a regular Hotel room for 10 days we needed alittle more space. The White Swan was Beautiful. Guangzhou was warm about 70-75 degrees which was great. The shopping was amazing. Shop after shop lined the streets. After we checked into the White Swan we had some time to get settled and then we had to go and get Katie's physical exam. We also met back up with all 60 GWCA families. I was anxious to see my friends that I had said goodbye to in Beijing. I couldn't wait to meet there daughter's.

That night we celebrated Valentine's Day at Lucy's. It was a PERFECT Valentine's day as a family. I love Valentine's Day because it was my first date with Dan. We met at Aunt Margaret's funeral on Feb 6th.

Playing tour guide at 6:30 in the morning

Sophie and Katie on the airplane

Daddy's little Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day

Katie and Alexa looking up at their Daddy's. Both new Dads look so proud!


Katie having her physical

We met back up with Kevin and finally got to met Mia.

Dinner at Lucy's


Jodee Leader said...

I love all of these pictures! I still can't believe you met your hubby at a funeral!

Jboo said...

Sweet photos!! You were in Guangzhou at a good time of year, weren't you! I've heard the summers are beastly hot. Have a great week!

Kate said...

Do you have that bus speech on tape by chance??? Just asking....

Wasn't getting to Guangzhou the felt like a tropical vacation!

The pictures are beautiful...the memories...priceless...

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

You look like a natural up there with that Microphone....I am sure the tour guide had a hard time getting it back:)

I am so loving all these photos and precious memories from your trip to China.....Truly a trip of a lifetime!!


Kellyann said...

Leave it to you Jen to remember to bring RED and matching shirts nonetheless to China with you.
Love all the pictures and following your journey a few years later.

Laura said...

This is bringing back so many great memories. Please keep them coming.


Natalie said...

Hi Jennifer! I just found your blog through another one! Your little sweet pea is just a cutie patootie! She is gorgeous. Congratulations on celebrating a beautiful Gotcha Day.
I hope you don't mind if I come back for another visit. It looks like you're waiting for a baby sister for Katie? I'm praying for a speed up for all of you guys waiting!

Ivy said...

Katie is so adorable in all the photos! Her little red cheeks are too cute!
I can tell it was love at first site (yes, with Dan too) LOL. You're ability to recount your amazing journey brings back so many fond memories. We were all there roughly the same time too!

Oh, you are too funny with that microphone, would have loved to heard what you were saying!

Have a great week.