Friday, February 27, 2009

Missy......I didn't forget!!!

My bloggy buddy Missy from "Live Big and Laugh Often" gave me this award about a month ago. At the time I just started blogging about our journey to adopt Katie. I made that the focus of my blog for the last month.

Missy's blog is one of the first blogs I started to follow after I became addicted to blogging. Right from the start I could tell that I would love to meet Missy in person someday! I just KNOW we would have a blast together. She is a warm, caring, and kind-hearted person. I love reading about her sister Paige and I enjoy looking at Missy's beautiful photos! Missy~I can't wait until the day we can chat in person.

Most of the blogs that Missy gave awards to are some of my favorites. So, I will pass on the awards to some of my other favorite blogs.
The RULES~Pass on to 5 other fabulous blogs and tag the blog that sent the award to you!

KATE from Livin Lavida Lia~Missy did tag Kate but I JUST had to shout out to Kate too. Kate and I became friends before we adopted our daughters. Kate is the reason I blog. Kate has such a wonderful way with words. I am in awe of her ability to express herself with words. I started my blog after being inspired to do so from Kate. I love to read about Lia and look at all the gorgeous pictures Kate has been taken of Miss Lia. Thank you Kate for inspiring me to blog. Thank you for being a wonderful friend.

Sue from Alexa's World~ Sue and Robert traveled with Dan and I to adopt our daughters. We will forever share a bond. I love reading what's new with Alexa. We were lucky enough to have a reunion with our friends in Oct 2007. We are hoping to see Sue, Robert, and Alexa again this year.

Laura from Enjoying Emma Everyday~ Laura and I met at the supermarket on a summer day in June of 2006 just a few months after we had both adopted our daughters. Little did we know that we were both in China at the SAME time and our daughters were both from Hubei! We live 10 minutes from each other. Our families became fast friends. I enjoy reading what's new with Emma.

Tamara from Cancer Sucks even with Lilly Pulitzer on your side~ Tamara and I met at the hair salon. We have the same hair stylist. While I sat in the salon with the dye on my hair I heard Tamara telling our stylist Judy that she blogged about her that day. I started to ask Tamara about her blog and told her that I blog too. She is a stay at home Mom and a cancer survivor with a GREAT attitude. I have such a soft spot in my heart for cancer patients. I was a oncology nurse for almost 10 years. I worked with inpatients and also in an outpatient infusion room administering chemotherapy. Tamara's attitude is infectious and I really enjoy reading her blog.

Ivy from Hunan Spice~I met Ivy on the land of blog and was lucky enough to met Ivy and her family in person. We live about 30 minutes from each other. I enjoyreading about Kira. I love to look at Ivy's photos on her newest blog Shutterbug. Ivy's is also running a fundraising blog to help bring Jailynn.

Thanks for the award Missy!!! I am truly touched!


Kate said...

*Smooches* to you darling friend!!!

...and ps...sometime could you tell me EXACTLY how the conversation took place when you and Laura discovered you were in the same province at the same time??? That sounds like a good one to me!!!

Rock on sista with your fabulous self!!!

Ivy said...

You're too kind:))

Thanks for the sweet comments.



Jodee Leader said...

Congrats on your award. I agree -- your blog is fabulous!

Have a great weekend!

Sue said...

Hey ! Thanks girlfriend for the first.

Love ya!

Sue : )

Felicia said...

I agree....your blog is fabulous! Congrats and have a great weekend.

Missy said...

Yay!!! You replied to the award I gave you...everyone else dissed me : )

We are going to have SO much fun in Philly! I started looking at flights today. Email me when you know what hotel you are going to stay at!

Hugs girly!

PS- Lisa and I were chatting the other afternoon on the phone and she said that I remind her of you. What a great compliment I considered that to be! : )

cancersucks said...

Thanks so much for the award and kind words...I will pass on next week when I am back from the big Martha Stewart/Lilly Pulitzer NYC trip. Hope you and your family are doing well!