Saturday, February 7, 2009

Gotcha Day

We arrived in Wuhan, Hubei about 12noon. We checked into the White Rose Hotel. The babies were being brought right to the Hotel in the conference room at 3pm. We went with our guide and some of the families to the Carrefore(like a Walmart) for water and snacks.

Dan and I got to the conference room early. We couldn't wait around in our Hotel room any longer. The two of us and Susan, Jim, and there daughter Emma were the first ones in the conference room. All of a sudden the babies started to arrive. The Nannies carried in 4 babies all bundled up and dressed alike. We soon realized these babies were from the other orphanage(we had 11 babies in our travel group from 2 different orphanages). Susan and Jim's baby was one of the babies that was brought in. We picked her out and started to take her picture. Slowly the rest of our travel group and guide arrived. Finally the other 7 babies arrived. Most of them were dressed alike in little duck suits. We were told to have a seat and they started to give us instructions. I didn't hear a word they said. I was trying to figure out which little baby dressed as a duck was Katie. At first I thought the baby right in front of me was Katie. She was the only one that really resembled Katie's referral picture. She was smiling at me and I thought she knows her Mother already. Well I was wrong it was Erika and Todd's daughter Madison. Dan did not think it was Katie. Then I realized there was a baby we couldn't see being held by the Director of the orphanage. I could only see the back of her. Finally the Director handed her to one of the Nannies. It was Katie. She was sweaty, had a running nose, but she was smiling. It was the longest wait of my life. The instructions were finally over and they called each family up one by one to sign the guardianship papers. Then it was finally the "Gotcha" moment. They started to call the families up one by one. We had the greatest travel group and there was so much excitement and energy in the room. We all passed each other our cameras and video cameras and helped capture this amazing moment for each other. Our name was finally called. The Director handed Katie to me and she just fell into my arms. No crying at all. She was fascinated with my necklace and the lanyard that I was wearing with her picture in it. I sat down at the conference table and just stared at this little sweaty, runny nosed, beautiful baby. She was so fascinated with my lanyard and I just stared at her and cried. I was overcome with emotion. I can't even explain how I was feeling. There was so much happiness and excitement around me but I was in my own world with Katie. I was so happy and grateful for this child. I had prayed for a baby and my prayers were answered. I had prayed for answers on why it was so hard for Dan and I to have a family. I got my answers right there in that moment. Dan was taking pictures and videotaping. I then let Dan hold Katie. We had no problems with Katie going to either one of us. We were told by the Director of the orphanage that Katie was sick and she had been started on cough medicine and antibiotics. They gave us the medicine that she was being given but I had brought medicine from home so I started her on that.

We took her back to the room and just looked at her. We were in awe. She was so sweaty and had a runny nose. I took her temp and it was 102.8. She was congested and wheezy. I started her on the antibiotic that I brought. Dan had to go back to the conference room and fill out paperwork. He was gone for an hour. Katie fell asleep but I could not put her down. She would cry the minute I tried. Dan got back to the room about 6pm and I had to sign the paperwork and then deliver it to our guides room. Then we went downstairs for dinner. I was starving because I didn't eat all day. We met up with a few families from our group. We got back to our room about 8pm. It was 7am at home and everyone was anxiously awaiting to hear from us. We tried to get Katie to go to sleep in the crib. She would scream when I put her in the crib. I had to hold her. She would not take a bottle for me. I could not put her down and she finally fell asleep on me. I didn't sleep well at all. My Mom and Karen were at home waiting for news from us. I didn't call them until the next day. It was the middle of the night in the USA when we got her and when we could finally call that is when we were trying to get her to sleep. We finally talked to them the next day. They were ready to hop on the next flight to China to find out what was going on. Katie woke up at 4am and finally took a bottle for me. She still had a fever but as the day went on the fever broke and she started to look happier and her little personality started to show.

I can't even describe how amazing our Gotcha Day was. It was perfect. Enjoy the picturess below and I am going to continue to post about the rest of our trip this week.

Shopping at Carrefour

The crib that Katie never sleep in

Ready to be a Mommy. I had my ladybug pants on for the occasion.

The Nannies bringing the babies in

My first look at Katie. She is the baby on the right.

Signing the guardianship papers

The MOMENT I had been waiting for

Finally in my arms

Proud Mama! You can see Katie eyeing up my necklace and lanyard.

Our first family photo

Katie and Daddy

One happy family. Well at least Dan and I look happy.

This picture was taken right when we got back to the room. Katie looks sad. She was probably in shock by us. We were too thrilled with her to see it in her face until we looked back on this picture.

Katie at dinner that night. She wouldn't let go of my lanyard.

Finally taking a bottle for me at 4am


Jill said...

Happy Gotcha Day Katie Min Min!

Jboo said...

Happy Gotcha Day anniversary! Thanks for sharing your photos and story! You and Dan are just beaming and Katie -- such a beautiful baby (and little girl now, of course)!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Happy Gotcha Day!! How fun looking back at your special day....I love the ladybug pants and all the great pictures of your first day with the beautiful Katie.....I am looking forward to the your next post!


Ivy said...

Love those rosy cheeks from all those layers! Everytime I read gotcha day stories, I just smile:))

She's so beautiful! Lucky Katie Min Min and Happy forever family day!



Heather said...

Jen -

Happy Gotcha Day!!!! What a beautiful reason to celebrate. Katie was the most gorgeous baby! And continues that trend...she is stunning.

I cried reading this and was so taken with all your photos,truly a sweet tribute to such a momentus occasion.

Thank you for sharing the love and joy of this special time in your lives.


Doug and Terrye said...

Wasn't that the most surreal day of your life?!? But with those ladybug pants it had to be spectacular! :)

Terrye in FL

Laura said...

You now have me looking in the background of all your pictures, Kates and my own to see if you or any of the others are there too. I'm so glad that we met in Giant that day. Good night friend. Happy Gotcha Day.


day by day said...

Oh, talk about adorable!! What a cute little face! I loved reading your post! Words can just not describe the amazing miracle of adoption!!

Oh, and I loved your ladybug pants! : )

take a peek at my blog...I did our gotcha post on the week-end.

take care!

Kellyann said...

Happy forever family day Katie. What a nice post Jen and I love the photo journal of that first day.