Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Official Adoption Day

On February 8, 2006 we went back to the conference room on the 6th floor of our Hotel for the official adoption of Katie. It was so fun to see all the families the next day with there new babies and hear about everyone's night.
Adoption Day Morning

Robert, Sue, and Alexa

Katie feel asleep while we waited. I love this picture except for my half painted nails. I guess taking the nail polish off of my nails was not a priority.

Putting our fingerprints on the documents

Picture with the Assistant Director of the orphanage

Later in the day we took a walk to the Carrefour to shop for snacks, water, etc. We came back to the Hotel room and set up our room since this was going to be our home for the week. We played with Katie in the room. She was starting to feel better and her little personality started to show. We could make her laugh and smile. We were told she was probably called Min Min. All the girls from her orphanage were named Qi Jia (fill in the blank). Katie was named Qi Jia Min. We named her Kathleen JiaMin. We started calling her Katie Min Min in China to put her Chinese name and American name together. This was not planned before we arrived in China. After calling her Katie Min Min we loved it and it stuck. The poor girl has so many names and she answers to them all......Kathleen, Katie, Kate, Katie Min Min, Min Min, Minnie, Boo Boo.....she calls herself Nin Nin. When she tried to say Min Min it came out Nin Nin. Well that stuck too and we will call her Nin Nin at times.

Ready for our trip to Carrefour


Missy said...

Oh gosh, Jen! What a beautiful baby girl Katie Min Min was. You look so pretty and happy as a new mommy. What sweet, sweet memories. I also loved your gotcha day post and LOVE the photo of Katie and the other little girl in yellow. SO PRECIOUS!!!

trina said...

Oh my goodness!! She was such a cute baby!! I know you melted the first time you saw her.

Jodee Leader said...

What a happy day for your family. She was such an adorable baby. You are so blessed!

Ivy said...

Katie M. is so beautiful and sweet. Loved Loved LOVED HER HAIRDEW on Sunday, What a pretty girl!

By the way, I too am having anxiety over this class. My camera's always on auto mode, that's the easy part, how I got to RAW still remains a mystery LOL.

I'll chat with you soon. Had a great time with you on Sunday! Looks like the parade was a hit with the kids.



Jboo said...

Oh wow -- what a sweet little baby she was!! Such a cutie! You and your Hub look over the moon with happiness! Enjoy your anniversary adoption day!

Laura said...


I love looking back at the pictures and reading your story. I hope to post this week about our weeks in China too. Talk to you soon.


LaLa said...

Hey...came over from Missy's blog. I had to laugh b/c I knew you were at the White Rose from the first pic..so remember using that "bar" area in November '05! What a cutie she is!! Ok..heading to read the others b/c the Assistant Dir looks like our Director..is she a Qichun girl???

LaLa said...

Ok...I am sure we've had a conversation before..anyway, that is Director Chen, right? The assistant Dir was a woman in '05, Now I guess Dir Chen is over ALL the SWIs in Qichun area.... I am sure I know you from the Qichun yahoo group : )

Kate said...

These pictures are so great...I think I appreciate them more now...knowing you all...and seeing how Katie has grown....

What great memories...and Katie was just as sweet as she could be...


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh WOW...what a great day....you are literally beaming ear to ear....I love the picture of you holding Katie while she is sleeping on your shoulder....that is GORGEOUS! She was so little....hard to believe that they grow up so fast.

Hope you are having a good week!


Kerry said...

So fun to see your first pictures of a family and your memories of Wuhan.

Hugs from a fellow Qichun sister!

Love love Katie's baby pictures- that face is oh so cute.

Kellyann said...

I just love that you are going back and doing this. Katie was just a big girl even then. I remember being shocked at how long she was. She is a cutie pie for sure and I have loved watching her grow.

Sue said...

Jen I love that picture of Katie and the one of her sleeping. Oh seeing those photos just brings back every single moment of that day.

Thanks for posting our pic!

Happy times!

Sue : )

GGAdventures said...

Just found your blog from Lala. We were at the White Rose in Oct '05. These pics are brining back so many memories! Our daughter was from Hanchuan, Hubei.
What a cutie Katie is. Congrats on your Gotcha Day!

Colleen said...

I'm a first time visitor. Your Katie Min Min is just precious!!!! What sweet memories...time goes by so fast doesn't it..