Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fun in Wuhan


Well by day 2 with Katie, she was feeling much better and just as happy as could be. Dan could really make her laugh and smile. We really made the most of our time in China. We also had a wonderful travel group. Everyone in our group was GREAT. We enjoyed each other's company throughout the trip and we made life long friends that we consider our extended family. We shared such incredible experience that it bonded us for life.

Feb 9th we went shopping at the local dept store. Then back to the 6th floor conference to receive our adoption certificates.


Receiving our adoption certificate

Katie and Daddy

I love this picture of Katie. Dan was playing with Katie on the bed and I captured this picture of her. I used it for our announcements when we got home.

This is how I would get Katie to sleep every night. She refused to go into the crib. I had to carry her around and rock her. She would stuck her thumb and take her other hand and rub her sleeve or rub my shirt. Looks like she even drooled on my shirt.

Feb 10th we visited the Guiyuan Temple. It was beautiful. Dan and some of the other families rang the bell for luck. We attracted the local people to us everywhere we went. Our guide made us a card to wear that read "We are Americans and we are adopting this baby and that we love her and we are taking her to American with us". Most of the local people would smile and give us the thumbs up. After the Temple we went out to lunch with our group. Our guide always ordered for us and we had the best food. My favorite in Wuhan was the lotus root. We had it several times. Sometimes fried and sometimes sauteed. It was delicious. After our tour for the day Dan and I took Katie for a walk in the stroller. It was about 50-55 degrees in Wuhan. We walked to the Carrefour and then to the park across from our Hotel. There were alot of people in the park feeding pigeons. Dan bought bird food and we decided to feed the pigeons. Well they landed right on you. This did not go over well with me. I freaked alittle. Katie slept through the whole thing. I had some stickers with me and I gave them out to some of the children in the park. They loved it.

Our travel group. This picture was taken in the lobby of the White Rose Hotel before we left for our tour of the Guiyuan Temple.


The local people were very interested in us every where we went. This picture I had a crowd around me looking at Katie. I gave one man the card our guide made to explain that we adopted her.

Katie all bundled up in the stroller

Dan ringing the bell for luck



This restaurant had the best green beans!

I loved going to the park across the the Hotel and watching the people. I thought this little girl was so cute.

Dan is calm while feeding the birds

I FREAKED! That was the end of bird feeding for me.

Katie slept through it.

Back at the room. Look at that face!

Dinner at the White Rose. The sauteed vegetable dish has the lotus root in it. Yummy!

Our happy girl

Feb 11th we visited the Hubei Provincial Museum. On display were the relics from the Tomb of Marquis Yi. Dan loved the Museum. Katie was falling asleep in the stroller so I walked around with Sue while we pushed the girls in the stroller. The most famous treasure is the Chime Bells, which is the largest bronze musical instrument ever discovered. We went to see a performance in the music hall of musicians playing of replica of the Chime Bells. I purchased a small replica Chime Bell for Katie. After the Museum we went to lunch. There was a wedding reception going on at the restaurant.


Chime Bells

Wedding we saw at the restaurant

At lunch. See how Katie sucks her thumb and rubs the inside of her sleeve with the other hand. She stills does this. LOVES cotton.

Katie took to Dan immediately.

Another one of my favorite pictures of Katie from China

Feb 12th we visited a local market with some of the other families in our group. One of the families got the idea to visit a local market. We skipped the tour that was planned for us that day. We got directions written out from our guide and took several taxi's to the market. We went with 6 other families. Dan was not thrilled with this idea because we were not with our guide. We had a really good time shopping at the local market. Later that day we met up with most of the families in our travel group and played beer pong in the Hotel. The girls all played together while the adults played beer pong.

Local market in Wuhan

Shopping. Not sure how I missed that piece of hair in Katie ponytail. Poor Girl!

Happy to find a McDonald's

Back to the park

The girls playing together while the adults played Beer Pong

Playing Beer Pong

Feb 13th we finished our "Brown Envelope" paperwork and then went out to dinner with our group. We packed our bags because we left for Guangzhou the next morning.


Leaving for Guangzhou

We really enjoyed our time touring Katie's province.

Stay tuned for our time in Guangzhou.


trina said...

These are the most amazing pics. What a sweet baby girl...happy and loving her mom and dad so quickly. I love her!

Colleen said...

Jennifer what beautiful pictures!!! Yes I am Colleen who owned the APRIL DTC group!!! How fun for us to reconnect : ) don't be a stranger...stop by the nuthouse every now and then and say hi : ) Katie Min Min is adorable...

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Do not apologize for all the pictures....I loved every last one!

It looks as though you had an AMAZING trip and had such a wonderful group. I can honestly say that I don't think I have seen anyone have as much fun as you all did. And Katie....well, she is just the sweetest little girl. Seems like she has always had such an easy going, fun loving personality...just like her Mommy and Daddy!!

Hope you all have a Happy Valentine's Day!!


PS. Pat was looking at the post with me....and was cracking up over the beer pong....he said he hopes we travel with such fun people:)

Jboo said...

Love reading about and seeing all of your photos! What a wonderful time and great group of travel-mates! Beer pong -- too funny! Your Katie was such a little cutie!

Have a great Valentine's Day!


Missy said...

This post is GREAT! You really did make the most of your adoption trip. I wish we had traveled with such a fun group! Beer Pong is my favorite!!! : ) Katie was the most beautiful baby girl...OH.MY.WORD!!! Can't wait for the next post.

Kelly Green said...

Oh do I love these pictures!! Time flies...What an amazing trip...I'm ready to go's about you guys??? She was so happy right from square one :) Happy Valentine's Day...Love/Family...most important things of all!!

my4andnomore said...

Oh how my heart longs to walk the streets of China, But for now I will bask in your glory. I am so enjoying these posts and all the pictures. Amber

Sue said...

Thanks for the walk down memory lane with great pics. I loved those green beans too! The pigeons...oh my, never saw those thank goodness.

We really did have a happy fun group.

You sure did attract a lot of attention in that pink coat you wore! ;) The locals loved you!

Sue : )

Kellyann said...

Love the recap and the pictures. Sounds like you guys did quite a lot in province.

Lori Printy said...

Jen, I am so glad you posted your adoption story. I feel so inspired by your retelling of it. It made feel like I need to try to stick it out.

Katie was and still is so beautiful.