Friday, December 12, 2008

Getting ready to have 27 adults and 21 kids at my house and what happens?????

Our 12 foot Christmas tree falls over. I was sitting at the kitchen table with my Mom eating dinner. Karen was standing at the table talking. The kids were at the kitchen island eating dinner. All of a sudden the tree just fell over. All 12 feet of it. Fully decorated. I just sat there shocked. I didn't know what to do. Karen called Jeff and Dan who were out having a drink and smoking a cigar(these boys live the life) to come home. They thought we were joking. Karen and I stood the tree back up. I was so afraid I lost all of my ornaments. A few broke but mostly just the balls broke. Most of my ornaments were okay. I held up the tree while Karen got under the tree to fix the tree in the stand. Jeff and Dan came home. We vacuumed up the mess. Started decorating it AGAIN. Honestly, it looks better than it did the first time.

What a mess but what a memory!

Looking forward to tomorrow. We are having our Adoption group over for a Chritmas party. Thank God the tree didn't fall when we had a house full of people!


Tree Down


Clean up crew


Putting the tree back together again


Putting the Angel on top


Katie helping Daddy


Our tree.....take two


Kate said...

SO gald no one was hurt. Also gald that, like any good blogging Mama you grabbed the camera and snapped away...shows that you have a sense of humor about the wholel thing. And hey...if the thing does fall again at our party...think of all the clean up would be back up in a flah...IN FACT...maybe next year you should just put it up and call the party a "tree decorating" party....could be genius...and save you a lot of time!!!

Okay...I have to code word is "reekpee"...I couldn't even make that up. SO appropriate since Lia is obcessed with getting the "doll that pees" for Christmas...

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh my gosh!! You must have panicked when you saw this.....I am glad there was not too much damage!!! Looks to be good as new again!!

I just read Kate's comment and I am in hysterics....she is too funny..."reekpee"....hysterical!!

I hope it doesn't come down again...but as she said, you will have it up in a flash!!

Have so much fun tonight...I will be thinking of you all!!


Felicia said...

Sorry about your tree. So glad it didn't happen with your house full of guests and glad no one was hurt. Take two also looks beautiful :)

Missy said...

Jen, you outdid yourself LOL!!! I agree with Kate, good blogger, very good blogger to grab the camera and document : ) I think your tree is lovely! Hsve a great time tonight. I am on my way to watch a mouse dance.

By the way...code word: chingits
That's for Kate!

Jboo said...

Wow -- that had to be a bit scary! Ours fell over on the Hub who was snoozing on the couch! So funny!! Your take two looks fabulous! Have fun with at party!