Monday, December 22, 2008

Cookie Exchange X 2

I participate in 2 cookie exchanges every year. The first one I have been doing for 7 years. It's with my old co-workers from the hospital. It's a GREAT cookie exchange. We usually have about 10 people and we bring 10 dozen cookies each dozen individual wrapped. Everyone gets into there wrap and puts alittle something on the wrap like an ornament or a lipbalm, etc,... This year we had 14 people so we did 1/2 dozens for each person. So I had 14 packages with a 1/2 dozen cookies in each package. I had extra cookies so I made them "bakers" 1/2 dozens and gave everyone 7 cookies. Whoever is hosting the cookie exchange has all of us for dinner. It is such a nice time. I really miss my old co-workers from the ICU/CCU. I worked with an amazing group of men and woman.

The next night was my second exchange. This was our 4th year having a cookie swap in our neighborhood. My friend Heather always hosts the cookie swap at her house. This exchange is done alittle different. We all bring 8 dozen cookies, not wrapped. We stand in front of our cookie and we tell what cookie we made them we take 5 cookies and move to the next cookie and so on until you are back at your cookie. If there are cookies left we take one or two more depending on the amount of cookies left. Then you go back home with 8 dozen cookies but a variety. After the swap we have a GREAT time hanging out in Heather's basement. Her basement is finished and she has an awesome bar. You feel like your hanging out at a pub.

I made "Aunt Faith's Best Butter Cookies". I got this recipe from Dan's Aunt Faith at my bridal shower. My Best Friend Karen sent out recipe cards with my bridal shower invitation so people could write there favorite recipe on the card and bring it to the shower. I love Aunt Faith's butter cookie recipe. I use it every year and get requests to make this same cookie every year. I use my pampered chef cookie press and make the cookie in the shape of a Christmas tree. One batch makes alittle over 4 dozen cookies. I ended up making about 17 dozen cookies. It was a good year. I got them done in 4 hours. Pass years I have had burnt cookies, cookies that wouldn't come out of the cookie press, etc. It was those years that I called my friends who were also in the exchange and asked them who's brilliant idea this was. I took Katie to school because I knew I wouldn't get it done if her hands were in the mix. So, Dan is going to make some cookies with her tomorrow night.

Enjoy the photos. I took to many to choose my favorites. So there is alot AGAIN!


Ready to bake!


Aunt Faith's Best Butter Cookie


Ready to go into the oven


Finished product!


Katie taste testing


All of our cookies wrapped and ready to exchange

My creation

Thanks MaryBeth for Hosting the Cookie Exchange. It was a wonderful time. I had the BEST time reconnecting with old friends.


Ready for my next cookie swap. I have 8 dozen cookies in that container. It doesn't look like it!

My creation

Neighborhood Cookie Swap. Thanks Heather for another wonderful time!


Jodee Leader said...

Cookie exchanges are sooo much fun! It looks like you had a great time. The cookies that you made look delicious!

Jboo said...

Wow -- that looks like so much fun! And your cookies look delicious! Love butter cookies!

Have a Merry Christmas!


Laura said...

I love the Chritmas cookies. They look delicious. I'm definately buying that contraption next year from Pampered Chef.

day by day said...

Look at all of those yummy cookies! I am suddenly very hungry! : )

Looks like lots of fun! I love the idea of the first exchange where each person wraps up their cookies and puts a little trinket on top. How fun!

I bet Katie is loving trying all of the cookies you brought home...I know my kids would be! Actually I would be, too! ha!

Merry Christmas, Jen!!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh my goodness...cookies galore!! Those butter cookies are my press broke last year and I never bought a new one, so my Mom made them this year!!

The swaps looked like so much fun....and the pictures of all those goodies and friends are great!!

Merry Christmas to you and your family....Hope Santa is good to you all!!


Kate said...

Your cookies are beautiful....way to go!!! Both parties seem like so much fun! My mom used to organize cookie swaps when I was little and I still remember looking in awe at all those cookies!!! I might consider hosting such an event next do you feel about THREE???

Merry Christmas!!!


Felicia said...

Oh I love cookie exchanges and those look so yummy.

Sue said...

Yum...looks like a fun time with friends!

Your cookies look great!

Have a wonderful Christmas!


Ivy said...

Hi Jen,
Stopping by to say hello. Wow you never slow down:))
Love all those cookies, pretty and yummy! I'm the daughter of a genuine baker, so I know good baking and this is GOOD Baking!

Looks like you had fun.

I'll be in touch.