Saturday, December 20, 2008

Best Birthday!

This past Wednesday, December 17th was my 35th Birthday. I had the BEST Birthday ever! We left the house at 7:20 and took the express train from Hamilton, NJ to New York City. Our first stop in NYC was Macy's to see Santa. We were at Macy's by 9:30am and there was no line for Santa. Katie was alittle shy with Santa. Not me, I told Santa it was my Birthday and sat right down next to him. Katie then decided she would sit with me and Santa for a picture. After we left Macy's we took a cab to the American Girl store. Katie couldn't wait to get to the American Girl store. We told her that we were going weeks ahead of time and she has been looking at the catalog to pick out a doll. Katie picked out "Mia" the doll of the year. Well they were sold out of Mia. I thought Katie was going to be really disappointed but she wasn't. I think because there were so many dolls in the store to choose from that she forgot all about Mia. She picked a "Just like me Doll". She picked a doll with long black hair and brown eyes. First she named her Katie just like her then she changed to Mia after the doll she originally wanted. Then we had lunch at the American Girl Cafe. It was really nice.

Next, we were off to Rockefeller Center. We looked at the tree and the ice skaters. I couldn't wait to see the tree this year because it was from a tree farm right down the street from my work. It was beautiful.

Then off to Radio City Music Hall for the Christmas Spectacular. It was amazing!!! Katie fell asleep half way through the show. I thought maybe the cotton candy she was eating would give her a sugar rush and keep her awake during the show. Dan was taking picture during the show. Missy, I thought of you!!!! I kept thinking if he gets in trouble for taking pictures I am acting like I don't know him. He was not using the flash so maybe they didn't notice.

We walked to Times Square after the show. Katie loved all the lights. We went into Toy R Us and rode the ferris wheel. Then we walked back to the train station and took the express train back to Hamilton, NJ.

We met my Mom, Karen, Jeff, Bailey, Brady, Karen's Mom, and Jeff's parents for dinner at our favorite place.

It was a WONDERFUL birthday!!!!!


Katie and Mommy on the train


Katie and Mommy at Macy's


Katie, Mommy, and Santa


Katie with her doll


Mommy, Katie, and her new doll Mia at lunch


Happy Birthday to Mommy


Katie and Mommy in front of the tree at Rockefeller Center


Katie and Daddy at Rockefeller Center


Katie amazed by the sights in NYC


The Rockettes


Radio City Christmas Spectacular


On the Ferris Wheel at Toy R Us in Times Square


Times Square


Happy Birthday


Birthday hugs and opening presents


Jen and Karen

Wow...I posted alot of photos. We took so many that I hard a hard time choosing.


Missy said...

JEN!!! Your big day was PERFECT! I kept scrolling down looking at each photo and thinking how that moment must have been the best, no that one, must have been that one : ) I am so glad you had such a special 35th!!! I seriously wish we lived closer, as I just KNOW you and I would be fast friends. You are too much fun.

Glad Dan didn't get caught taking pics... LOL! Tell him to join the "common criminal club" with me. I will be attempting to take photos of Paige's performance tomorrow night, as well as Nashville's Christmas Spectacular on Monday : )

I'm glad that you ALL had a fabulous day!!!

Jill said...

WOW!! What INCREDIBLE pictures, and what an awesome day! A birthday sure doesn't get any better than that!
Happy 35th!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I cannot think of a more spectacular way to spend your special day!! The pictures are amazing and look as though they truly captured the spirit of your day!! I know you had a terrific time viewing the city at Christmas through your daughters eyes......and I am sure it is a day she will never forget!!

Happy 35th.....and Merry Christmas too!!


Kate said...

Wow...worth the wait!!! Fabulous pictures all around! My favorite was the one of Katie looking at the lights...with the green and red lights in the background....looks like a magazine shot!!! Perfection!

Looks like memories made for a lifetime...such a great way to spend your speical day!!!

Best wishes for a year filled with dreams come true!!

Sue said...

Happy Birthday! You look amazing in every shot! What a fantastic way to spend the day. Love the pics of the American Girl store. We are taking Alexa to the one in Chicago next summer for her first one. Looks like so much fun!

Happy 35 and Merry Christmas too!
xo Sue

Ivy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN! What a great place to celebrate too. We went to NYC the day before your party and loved it.

Katie looks so sweet taking in all those sights! What beautiful photos too.

Glad you had fun on your big day!



Laura said...

Looks like a fun day. I think we'll take Emma next year for her fifth birthday.

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!


Jboo said...

Wow -- what a great birthday!! Anyone of those things would be fun -- but to them all -- so sweet!! Great photos too!


Felicia said...

First off, Happy happy Birthday. It sounds like a perfect, special day. All of your pics are amazing..thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! What an awesome way to celebrate! Love the pics!

day by day said...

Wow, Jen!!!! It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday celebration!! What beautiful pictures that capture the fun you all had!!

Happy Birthday!!!!