Monday, October 27, 2008

Rain Delay


Our hopes of a Phillies World Series win is over tonight. Rain delay was finally called in the 6th inning. I don't think they will resume playing tonight. The weather conditions are horrible in Philadelphia.

We had fun watching the game tonight at Karen and Jeff's. We cheered and hoped for a victory. But, the weather was so bad that I felt sorry for the players. They stopped the game and it is tied 2-2.

Save the Champagne for another night Dan! Go Phillies!!!

We walked home(we live across the street from our best friends) and it was so miserable. I can't imagine trying to play in this weather.

My creation


We enjoyed cheering on the Phillies Wednesday night as they played the rest of the game and WON THE WORLDS SERIES!!!!!

Dan, Katie, Jeff, Karen, Bailey, Brady, Two-Pop, Grandmom, Mom-Mom Maureen and I paraded around our neighborhood to the tune of "We are the Champions". Good times, Good Times.........


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

So disapppointing....I don't know how they played as long as they did.....the weather conditions were horrible!!

The pictures are so cute.....everyone decked out in their Phillies attire!!

Hopefully we will bring in the win tonight!

Kate said...

Katie totally parties like it's 1999, doesn't she??? That girl knows how to celebrate!!!

It was a bit of a heartbreaker (you know...if you follow the Phillies...which I don't,,,but I empathize...)!

Keep the dream will happen!!!


Laura said...

...and today a SNOW delay could be in their future??? Love all the pictures, especially the last two.



Jboo said...

Just waiting for the Phillies to clinch the series!! Think I will be wearing red all week! :)


missy said...

Great pics...hoping you guys get to celebrate big time!!!

Jill said...

I LOVE how beautiful Katie's hair is!
Go Phillies!

Laura said...

You know, I thought I could hear the Miles, miles away!!! There were tons of horns honking, pans slamming and fireworks!!! Even though I'm a Red Sox fan, it's brought such happiness and joy to the Philladelphia fans!!!!!
You going to the parade today??


Kate said...

Oh....I so would have paid, just so I have it all straight...were you playing the musice from some sort of "boom box"...or were you singing the song??? Were there cheers thrown in? Did you rouse the neighbors???

Details...I need details....

Kellyann said...


day by day said...

Hi Jennifer!

Just linked over here from Lisa's blog. What a lovely family you have..and your Katie is beautiful! I was reading your profile and it looks like we were in China at the same time! Our Gothcha for Ella was one day after yours!

Loved looking at all of the pics of your sweet girl! : )