Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Happenings

We had a wonderful Halloween. Katie really enjoyed herself this year. She wanted to be Sharpay from High School Musical. Katie had changed her mind so many times. We went to the Halloween store(on this day) and she saw the Sharpay costume and that is what she wanted to be. She has never even seen High School Musical. She learned the characters from school.

Two weeks ago we had our annual Halloween parade in our neighborhood.


Bailey and Katie


Katie and Neve


Katie and Mommy~ Katie didn't want to wear her Sharpay sunglasses so I wore them.


This picture of Katie running with her wig flying off the back of her head, cracks me up.

Halloween morning was Katie's Halloween parade at school. Then we went to Bailey and Brady's school in the afternoon to watch their parade.


Katie at her school parade


Lotus at ALK school parade.

We headed out Halloween night for Trick or Treating with Aunt Karen, Bailey, and Brady. Katie wanted to Trick or Treat with her friend Neve, so we stopped at her house first and picked her up. Daddy and Uncle Jeff went to Philadelphia for the Phillies parade. They were gone all day and did not get home in time for Trick or Treating. All the trains were packed and it took them hours to get home. So I had to put the candy on the front step with a sign that read take "2" only. Aunt Karen did the same thing at her house.

Katie and Neve were so much faster Trick or Treating this year. They ran from house to house. Last year they would stop and get back on the wagon after every house. They were so funny, they would have a little conversation at every house when they got their candy.

My creation


Missy said...

Looks like you guys had an incredible Halloween!!! I absolutely love all of these pictures...and that wig : ) You all wear it well : )

Hey, I have a new blog. I couldn't find your email, so if you click on my name, it'll take you to the new blog. Come on other one went private.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Jen, you are too funny with that wig!! I was all ready to tell you how cute Katie looked with it on and then I got to the bottom and saw you in your Phillies sweatshirt and the wig...hysterical!!

Katie looks like she had a great time on Halloween....and how cute is Lotus in the parade...I love her little pig tails!!

day by day said...

Oh, what cute pictures! I love the one of Katie running and her wig falling off....with that big smile on her face!

What great costumes!!

Jodee Leader said...

Cute Halloween pictures! It looked like you had a blast!

Kate said...

Very nice!!! Fun times! Honestly....I bit disappointed as I was hoping to see Pipi...or Wendy....but I guess the sunglasses and blonde wig will stasify!!!

I was going to ask how long it took them to get home...that stinks!!! But fun they got to see the parade!!!

Sue said...

What fun! The wig is a hoot. Alexa saw the photo of Katie in it and just stared and stared...too funny.
I love to see all the different ways people celebrate the holidays.

: )

Kerry said...

Katie looked adorable in her HSM costume! Love her facial expressions. Such a cutie. So glad that you had a fun filled Halloween.

Love the wig!

Jboo said...

What a fun Halloween!! She is the cutest Sharpay ever! Isn't Halloween the best holiday ever!!

Have a good week! Am basking in the Phillies World Series Championship!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures and that wig!!! You look great in it with your Phillies shirt.