Friday, January 30, 2009

Inaugural Ball


We went to our Elementary School's Inaugural Ball last Friday night. We went with Jeff, Karen, Bailey, and Brady. It's Bailey and Brady's School. This is the school that Katie will start in 2010. Most of our neighbors were there. It was a fun night. They had a Uncle Sam on Stilts. Katie was freaked out by him. Our local Congressman Patrick Murphy came to the Ball to speak. Then they had a DJ. The kids had a "Ball" dancing and running around the gym. At the end of the night they released Red, White, and Blue balloons from the ceiling. I spent most of my night helping Karen at the refreshment table.

Uncle Sam

Karen and I working the refreshmant table

Congressman Patrick Murphy

Katie dancing with the kids

Our Family

Bailey dancing with her friends

Balloon ready to drop

Brady waiting for the balloons to drop


Katie with her balloon

Of course President Obama was at the Ball


Missy said...

Too cute! What a clever idea...wish my school did fun things like that. Katie and her friends are precious : )

day by day said...

What a fun idea, Jennifer!!!

Katie looks adorable in that sweet little dress....and she has such a beautiful smile!!!

Enjoy your week-end! : )

Sue said...

Okay, you look slammin girl...12 pounds! Great look great!

I love Katie's dress too.

Sue : )

my4andnomore said...

I think that's a great idea to have a ball. Looks like you all had a great time. And the pic of your family looks really great. Good job on the diet. Amber

Laura said...

Looks like fun. Family picture is great. kevin & I have to remember to give the camera to someone else once and awhile.


Missy said...

Left you an award...come on by and pick it up : )

Ivy said...

So adorable! Katie sure is the belle of the ball; smiling , dancing and having and oh sooooooo good time!

What a great idea!