Wednesday, January 28, 2009

100th Post and it's all about me!

I started this blog almost a year ago. It was right after Katie's 3rd birthday. My friend Kate was having a wonderful time blogging. I was alittle intimated at first because even though I have alot to say, I am not a great writer. I wanted a way to journal about Katie and so I started this blog. It has become more that just a journal for Katie. It is also a journal about our lives as a family. It about our wonderful friends. It about connecting with new people through the land of blog. I had NO idea that when I started this blog that I would "meet" so many amazing people. Even though I have not met most of them in person, I consider them friends. I care about there lives and families.

I have read other people's blogs and on there 100th post they write 100 things about themselves. This was not an easy task but her is what I came up with. Now remember I never claim to be a good writer but I am writing from my heart.

Thanks for all that follow my blog and here is to 100 more posts on Katie Min Min.

1. I was born on Dec 17th 1973
2. and named Jennifer Lynn Flannery
3. to Patricia and Frank Flannery
4. I am older sister to Joey
5. I have lived in the same area my whole life
6. My Grandmother(Mom's Mom) and Great-Grandmother moved in with us when I was 10 yrs old
7. I loved coming home from school and spending time with my Grandmom. She would make the best tuna fish and I would eat it on crackers while we watched General Hospital.
8. I met my Best Friend Karen in Elementary School. We went to Walt Disney Elementary. We stayed Best Friends all through High School. We did everything together and still do. I am so thankful for Karen. It is one amazing friendship.
9. Karen and I are 2 weeks apart exactly.
10. She is older.
11. I danced from age 7 to 13. I loved it. Tap was my favorite. I was NO ballerina.
12. I played tee-ball and softball. I was horrible at both. I did catch the winning ball in the play off game. I was always stuck in the outfield. The ball was coming towards me and I stuck my glove in the air and got lucky that the ball landed in it.
13. I quit dancing to join the Marching Band in 9th grade. I was a Flag Girl(they called it the Flag Corps). I was the Captain of the Flag Corps my senior year. Karen was in the Flag Corps too.
14. My freshman year the Marching Band traveled to China. We performed on the Great Wall.
15. I dated the same boy all through High School and Nursing School(looking back that was dumb).
16. I graduated from High School in 1991
17. I went right to Nursing School and Graduated in 1994
18. I was an RN at the age of 20.
19. I worked as an Oncology/Chemotherapy Nurse for 9 yrs.
20. I work in the ICU/CCU for 4 years
21. I now work part time in a Cardiologist office doing outpatient stress tests and loving it. Karen also works at this office. She is a Nurse too.
22. I met Dan at a funeral on Feb 6, 1997.
23. Our first date was Valentine's Day
24. I have the same birthday as Dan's Mom Kathleen who passed away when he was 7yr old.
25. Dan's Aunt is married to my Mom's cousin. It was my Great Aunt's funeral that we met at. Dan's Aunt's Mother in Law. Get it???????
26. We are not related.
27. But we share cousins....I am Bill and Eddie's third cousin on there FATHER'S side. Dan is there first cousin on there MOTHER'S side. Am I confusing you yet?
28. I am 9 months older than Dan
29. We got married on Oct 2, 1999
30. We tried very hard to have a family. We had many disappointments and many losses.
31. I am grateful for that time. It brought us closer and lead us to our daughter.
32. I prayed for answers and I got them.
33. On Feb 7, 2006 Kathleen JiaMin was placed into my arms.
34. We were in love
35. We were parents.
36. We enjoyed every moment with Katie in China.
37. We continue to enjoy every moment with her everyday.
38. We named our daughter Kathleen(after Dan's Mom) and JiaMin for her middle name. Her Chinese name was Qi Jia Min and we were told she was called Min Min. So we call her Katie Min Min.
39.I am happy, and grateful, and blessed
40. I have a wonderful, loving, and supportive husband
41. I love watching Dan with Katie. He is a wonderful Dad. He is in awe of her as much as I am. He loves to laugh and joke and act like a goof ball. I love that about him.
42. I grew up with 4 generations of woman living in one house
43. My Great Grandmother passed away when she was 100 yrs old in the year 2000
44. My Grandmother passed away when were in China adopting Katie.
45. This broke my heart. I knew she was dying. She suffered a massive stroke and was non-responsive when we left for China to adopt Katie.
46. I was able to say goodbye.
47. She was able to see Katie's referral picture before her stroke. She was so happy for me. She adopted my Mother and related with me on how bad I wanted to be a Mother.
48. I wish she held Katie. I know she is smiling down on us.
49. I know Dan's Mom Kathleen is too.
50. I am grateful to have many friends. My friendships are so important to me.
51. I love being a friend
52. I love living across the street from my Best Friend Karen and her family. Did I mention that we drive the same Mini Van?? Yes we are big dorks. For the record they are different vans, different years, and different colors.
53. Karen's family is my family.
54. I have many imaginary cyber friends. I learn from them everyday.
55. I am lucky enough to have the support of some of the most amazing woman. I met these woman through Katie's adoption. We have created our own local adoption group. These families have become my family. Katie sees other families just like hers all the time. Some of the girls were adopted the same day as Katie. A couple of the girls are from the same Province. One is from the same orphanage as Katie. This group has been so special to our family.
56. I love to read. Right now I am reading "Twilight"
57. I love to dance around the house with Katie.
58. I am a daughter. I love the relationship that I have with my Mother.
59. I am a sister. My brother and I don't always see eye to eye but I pray for the best for him.
60. I have learned that family is who you make it.
61. I have wonderful neighbors and I am thankful for the beautiful neighborhood that I live in.
62. I am the God Mother to 2 wonderful boys. My Best Friend Karen's son Brady and my cousin Bill's son William.
63. I am an Aunt.
64. I love being a Nurse and caring for people. It is what I was meant to do.
65. I am compassionate
66. I have held my patients hands when they have died. I have cried with their families. I have gone to their funeral's.
67. I asked my co-worker's to describe me and this was the answers..
70. LOUD
71. I am loud but I can't help it. I get shushed by the one doctor I work for. They put another door up at work outside of the lunch room because I am too loud. I am just having fun.
72. I AM A MOMMY!! I waited a long time to say that.
73. We are adopting from China again. Our LID is 10/10/07
74. We have been waiting 15 months and have alot longer to wait.
75. I love to sew and make beautiful things.
76. I love to embroider my beautiful things.
77. I love to take pictures. I am trying to learn our camera but that is really Dan's thing.
78. I am addicted to blogging.
79. I am addicted to facebook and it is taking up my blogging time.
80. I am on a diet.
81. I have lost 12 lbs.
82. I love sweat pants and could live in them.
83. I love comfy PJ's and warm fuzzy socks.
84. I have to sleep with a pillow between my knees. I rub the end of my pillow at night and flip my feet back and forth to fall asleep.
85. I love sleep.
86. I love rocking Katie to sleep.
87. I love the beach. My perfect day is my feet in the sand and a book in my hand. Katie playing at my feet.
88. I love to laugh. Loud and hard!
89. My favorite dinner is chicken parm with spaghetti and a big slice of Italian bread with butter. I love french dressing the orange kind. I love to dip my bread in the dressing(now you see why I need a diet).
90. I love to talk
91. I love to listen
92. I was Nurse of the year in 2001
93. I still watch General Hospital after all these years.
94. I was in Soap Opera Digest magazine comparing a real life Nurse to "Bobbie Spencer, RN" on General Hospital.
95. My hair is curly but I wish it was straight.
96. I take an Adult Tap class and I have been in the recital in a ridiculous costume for the last three yrs.
97. I love spending time with my family and friends. I love learning new things about people.
98. I love having Thursday's off from work to spend with Katie.
99. I am in awe of my daughter. I am amazed by her everyday. I am thankful for her.
100. I try to live everyday to the fullest. I love to LIVE, LOVE, and LAUGH. I am truly blessed.

Thanks for reading! I just rambled. Some of my thoughts jumped around and are no particular order ;)



Amie@HeartSmiles said...

Happy 100th post!! So glad you entered the bloggy world. And what a cute post.

met at a funeral, really? That is not a story you hear everyday. lol So very cool you have your best friend living right across the street from you, and so not dorky that you drive the same minivans. life is short, why not! and I am so glad your grandma got to see the referral picture before she passed away, and that must have been heart breaking to have that happen while you were in China. And kudos to you on the weight loss!!!! You go girl!!!

Happy 100th post!


Laura said...


Happy 100th post. I feel so happy to know that I know you in "real-life" through our adoption. Just think if it wasn't for that warm March day in Giant, our paths may have never crossed. On second thought..... :o)


Jboo said...

Happy 100th post!! Wow -- that was fun to read and learn a lot about you. What a wonderful family you have! Am so glad to have met you through bloggy land!

Have a great week! It's Thursday, so it must be your day off -- have fun!

Kate said...

I totally loved this post...and I am so glad you are a blogger. I had no idea that you were nurse of the year in!!! know I laughed in recognition of some of the very things that you truly is a list that sets you apart and makes us all love you so much...just maybe in a quieter way... :-)

Rock on sista...and I didn't forget about the tag you sent my way....well I sort of did...but I will get it up tomorrow, I promise!!

Missy said...

Happy 100th post, Jen! I loved learning all about you. You and I are a lot alike. I could relate to many things you posted. I must tell you that I just read Twilight and I am in love with Edward Cullen...yes, a vampire. Now, who's the big dork? : )

You have such a caring heart and it comes through on your blog. Hope to meet you in real life some day soon!

MIMI06 said...


And there is the 100 reasons why I am proud of you and love you.
Every time I'm with you and Katie I am in awe of what a wonderful mother you are and what wonderful parents Dan and you have been with Katie. She is a lucky little girl.
As I always say "Your are my sucess story".

Love, Mom

PS You are right abiout your writing there is their. LOL

Made in China said...

Bravo!!! That was awesome!!!

People always tell me I am too loud too! :o)


Kellyann said...

Great post Jen. I sure hope you didn't write all that in one sitting. Wow! It does capture YOU! Thank you for sharing YOU with US!
And for the record I ALWAYS confuse there and there MiMi, lol!

Laura said...


You're reading Twilight?? Please promise me that when you are finished, you'll go to the movie with me!! No way will Kevin go with me. I think Kate may even be up to seeing it again. I'm reading New Moon now. It's pretty good.


my4andnomore said...

Jen, that was a beautiful post. It seems we have alot in common. I am Loud and bubbly to, I always wanted to be a nurse, just never did it.And I love to sleep and need a diet. You see I said need a diet just not doing one. HAHA! Anyway Here's to our children and our children to come. Amber

Sue said...

Happy 100th Post my Hubie friend!

I cracked up at the one about the extra door at work...oh, what a hoot.

I am so happy we know each other, I know if we lived close we would be fast friends. Sharing our adoption day will always bond us and I love ya!

Sue : )