Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kelsey the Elf on the Shelf

Thanks Missy for telling me about Elf on the Shelf. I never heard of it before and thought it sounded like a cute tradition to start.

Our Elf came in the mail for Katie. She opened him and I explained that Santa had sent this Elf to watch over her. I read her the storybook that came with the Elf. Katie wanted to name her Elf "Kelsey". So, I guess our Elf is a girl elf. Then we went on and registered Kelsey.

That night Katie said night night to Kelsey and then told the Elf..."Kelsey, my China friends, my Zona friends(this is what she calls her Hubei Sisters since she saw them last in Arizona), and my school friends have all been good. Please tell Santa!". I thought that was so cute that she was reporting good things about her friends to Santa.

Katie has been having fun waking up in the morning to find where Kelsey has moved too.

Then I was thinking I will probably scar the kid for life by using "Kelsey the Elf" to get her to behave. She was acting up and I told her that Kelsey was watching and going to tell Santa and she started to cry. Kelsey is slightly creepy.

Hopefully she grows up thinking Kelsey the Elf is a cute tradition and not in a therapist's office talking about the creepy Elf that my parents bought me when I was 3.



Jodee Leader said...

Thanks for posting a picture of the Elf. I hadn't seen it yet!

I hope Kelsey doesn't creep you out too much. I think it would be a fun tradition to start.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I love this!! I had never heard of elf on the shelf before Missy's post....I plan to do this next year for Sarah!!

I am with you...she is kind of creepy!!

Hope all is well:)


Missy said...

Oh, I am glad that Kelsey has joined your family! Binky is a little creepy, too. Paige woke up this morning and he was sitting on her nightstand next to her bed and she screamed. My mom and I will never put him that close again : )

That is SO sweet that Katie is including her zona friends and school friends! What a big heart she has. I hope Kelsey has only good things to say to Santa! : )

Jboo said...

It sounds like a cute tradition and I'm thinking of checking into getting a little elf for our house too.

Sweet that is telling the Elf about her friends -- how thoughtful!

Have a good week.

Sue said...

Tell Katie thanks for giving her Zona friends a good word with Santa!

Happy Thanksgiving too!


Kate said... definitely see your point about elf creepiness...I am havng a deja vu moment remembering some Christmas decorations my mom had in the early 1970's that I swear looked exactly this little magic man (or gal as the case may be...but my mom wanted me to remind you that Kelsey Grammer is a man...).

I am trying to decide whether the elf is going to make an appearance at our house...just on the fence!


Kerry said...

Yeah- I have been thinking about it ever since Missy's post. But as I stood in the store looking at it and pondering- I am with you- it kinda creeps me out. And I do not think my G would like it watching her.

So cute that Katie wants Santa to be sure to know that her friends are on the nice list.