Monday, November 17, 2008

Soccer season has come to an end

Katie and Coach Daddy did a great job this season with Soccer. Katie got out there every week and played a great game. Of course the one week she scored a goal, I wasn't there to see it. I was "Sewing by the Sea". Dan was AWESOME as the coach of Katie's team. He was so good with the girls.

Saturday was the last game of the season. Katie was so excited to get her trophy.

I already signed Katie and Dan up for the Spring season.

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Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh My Word...she is the cutest little thing out there on the field with her little braids and bows!!

Doesn't it figure she scored when you weren;t there.....but at least Daddy was there to witness it!!

Have a great week!


Jboo said...

Sweet photos!! What a great little soccer player and coach that you have there.

Have a fun week!


day by day said...

I was admiring those bows right along with Lisa. : ) Fashion on the soccer it!

The pictures of Coach and his little girl are absolutely adorable! What a special activity for them to be able to share together.

MIMI06 said...

Wow at 3 she already has 2 trophies, dance and now scoccer!!

Takes after her mommy, the only time she caught a fly ball to win the softball championship, I was not there to see it!!!

Laura said...

Love the pictures. Daddy looks very proud of his soccer star.


Kate said...

Great finish for a fabulous first season on the playing field. I don't know who is cuter...Katie or Dan....maybe if you would put bows in Dan's hair it would be evenly matched...just a thought...