Saturday, September 6, 2008

So much to little time.....

Well summer is over and September is here. We had a busy first week of September. I had so many things that I wanted to blog about this week but so little time. So here it goes......

Tuesday was back to school. Katie is still going to the same daycare she has been going to but her class was changed and she is offically in Pre-School. She also has a new teacher, Miss Jess. Katie had Miss Jess for about 6 months when she was in the 2 year class room but Miss Jess was moved to the one year old class. Katie is excited to be with Miss Jess again. Dan and Katie watched Bailey and Brady get onto the school bus for the first day of school. The bus stop is right at the corner in front of our house. Katie loves watching the kids get on and off the school bus.

Brady, Katie, and Bailey waiting for the school bus.

Wednesday, I picked Katie up from school and Miss Lia said to me "Katie has great taste". I knew she was refering to the COACH purse that Katie took to school. Katie LOVES purses. She takes my old purses out of my closet and stuffs them with all kinds of things. She often takes a purse with her to school. So I laughed and said "Yes she found the purse in my closet". It is the only real COACH purse that I own. Miss Lia said "Well we were trying to figure out if the TIFFANY bracelet inside the purse was real". I said "WHAT??". I looked in the purse and sure enough there was my TIFFANY heart charm bracelet. Katie took it from my jewelry box last week. I was cleaning out my jewelry box and she was digging in when I was trying to reorganize it. She must of took the bracelet. Miss Lia said "We thought you were a real generous Mommy". Katie also had my lip liner, lip gloss, her Barbie cellphone and some fake money in her purse. Too Funny!!!!!

Katie with my COACH purse

Katie and Dan playing "HIPPOS" before dinner

Thursday, I was off my from work. I am off every Thursday but worked alot of Thursdays in the summer to fill in for vacations. Thursday is usually my day with Katie. We do something fun together. In the morning I had the carpets cleaned. The dining room chairs were lined up in the kitchen and Katie put her dolls on the chairs and said she was driving them to school on the school bus. It is amazing what her little mind comes up with. After the carpets were done we went to the Mall. Katie was in her sleeping beauty dress up and insisted on wearing it to the Mall. Katie had so many people make a fuss over her in the Mall because she looked so cute. Katie has so many people make a fuss over her even when she is in regular clothes. I think she is just used to it. Katie said to me when we were walking "That man didn't say I looked pretty". I thought she said "The man said I looked pretty". I said "I know everyone thinks you are so beautiful in your Sleeping Beauty costume. She said "NO, that man DIDN'T say I was pretty!!". I said "Oh Katie you are pretty but not every person we pass is going to tell you that". I think she is so used to everyone making a fuss over her. She is such a HAM.

Katie driving her dolls to school on the "BUS"

We went into the Halloween costume store and Katie was so excited looking at the costumes. Over the pass week Katie has talked about Halloween and what she wants to be for Halloween. First, she wanted to be Ariel as a Mermaid but to be confused with Ariel as a Human. Then she wanted to be PIKACHU(watched this with Bailey and Brady last weekend). Then she wanted to be Princess Fiona from Shrek. So when she picked out the SHARPAY costume from High School Musical, I asked her if she was really sure. She has never seen HSM movie but she knows the girl characters from the movie. Some of the girls in school wear HSM shirts and she sees the stuff in the stores and points it out to me. We also saw HSM on ice. She was insistint on the SHARPAY costume. So I told her if I buy it that is what she is being. So I bought the costume, wig, and glasses. I can't want until Halloween to post a picture of her in the costume because it is HYSTERICAL.

Katie as SHARPAY

They say....."One mans trash is another mans treasure" and that is true. Dan trash picked a YAMAHA keyboard. It didn't have a cord and it needed to be cleaned up a bit. Dan cleaned it up and put batteries in it and it worked. Katie thought it was the greatest thing. She looked like a natural playing it.

Katie with her new keyboard

Friday was picture day at school. I made Katie a headband with a hairbow attached. I thought she looked so cute. Dan took a few pictures of her. Now, looking back at the pictures she looks like I wrapped her up as a present. The bow is a bit BIG. I hope it looks okay in the school picture. Katie will look back at it in 20 years and want to know what her mother was thinking.

Ready for picture day

I also made her bows to match her soccer uniform. I just had to girly up my girly girl alittle bit for the soccer field.

Well that was our week. Later today I will post about our weekend.


Kate said... were busy!! I really like the doesn't look too big! It's cute! I love the Haloween finery....very funny! Lastly...I think you should just let Katie Min think it IS normal for people to tell her she's cute! Build that self esteem, you know??? And she IS so cute she is bound to hear it anyway!!!

Can't wait to see pics from the party!!


Kellyann said...

Sounds like you all had a GOOD but busy first week of September. LOVE the soccer hairbows and the wig is just TOO funny.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I don't even know where to begin with this were certainly busy!

I love the purse story....look out, you have a fashion diva on your hands!

The costume is hysterical....the blond wig and the glasses are perfect!

Can't wait to see Katie wearing those barrettes...too cute!

Lisa that dress!

Laura said...

Hungry Hippo's!!! That is so funny. One of Emma's favorite games is Whack a Mole. We should have a Game Night some time soon.