Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our trip to Georgia

It is truly amazing how many wonderful friends I have met through Katie's adoption. During our homestudy class with the social worker, Dan and I met a couple that was also adopting from China. They were also using the same adoption agency as us. They live fairly close to us and we became fast friends. Luck would have it that our paperwork went to China at the same time as theirs and we were in the same travel group. While Karen and Kevin were waiting for their daughter Mia from China, Karen got pregnant and had their daughter Maddie at 26 weeks. Maddie spent several months in the NICU. Kevin and his Mom traveled to China for Mia while Karen stayed home with Maddie. A year ago Karen had a baby boy named CJ. Now Karen and Kevin have a 3yr old(Mia), 2 yr old(Maddie soon to be 3), and 1 yr(CJ's birthday happens to be today). Karen's sister Carolyn was also adopting from China at the same time as us. Carolyn and her husband Kevin already had a daughter from China and were adopting again. Karen and Carolyn were putting their paperwork into the agency at the same time so they would travel together. So we all traveled together and our daughters, Katie, Mia, and Grace Ingram were all adopted the same day but from different provinces.

Karen and I decided to take a road trip to Georgia to visit her sister Carolyn and get the girls and CJ together.

We left my house on Tuesday night and drove halfway to Roanoke, VA. We slept over in Roanoke and then drove the rest of the way to Georgia on Wednesday.

The kids were so excited to see each other and play. We stayed at Carolyn's house and the kids had a ball. It was a big sleepover party for 4 nights.

Wednesday was GiGi's Birthday~this is Mackenzie and Grace Ingram's Grandmom. We celebrated with ice cream cake.

Thursday with went the the Outlets and went shopping.

Here are a few pictures of Wednesday and Thursday. I will continue to blog about our trip this week.
My creation

Pictures left to right: Mackenzie with Gigi, Maddie, CJ, Katie, Grace Ingram, and Mia

Grace Ingram and Katie were buddies the whole trip


Katie Min Min

Katie and Grace

My creation
What Beautiful girls! Left to Right: Maddie, Mia, Katie, Grace


Kate said...

Beautiufl...all of them!

Laura said...


Sounds like a great time. The pictures are great. Can't wait to catch up on Saturday and hopefully the weather will cooperate on Sunday for Apple Picking!!!!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

What beautiful girls!

Sounds like you had a great trip....well worth the long drive!

The pictures are great....I love the one titled "Girlfriends"

See you next week....Hooray!


MIMI06 said...

They are all lucky little girls to have one another. Beautiful pictures!

Kerry said...

Such adorable friends. So wonderful that they have each other.

Your daughter is beautiful. Found your blog from a friend's.
Ladybug hugs,
mom to grace and maddie

Kerry said...

Wow- Jennifer. No wonder I thought that your daughter was so beautiful. She is from Qichun, Hubei! So happy that we found each other. Not too many Hubei girls (I am comparing to my big girl from Jiangxi- lots of Jiangxi sweeties).

Hugs and looking forward to getting to know your family!

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

GET OUT!!! I was just about to ask whether you (and Kate) are involved in the FCC group and know Kevin and family because I have been corresponding with Grace Ingram and Mackenzie's mom, Carolyn via Facebook. She told me her little sister had adopted, too. What a cool story! Carolyn (and her twin, Diana) and I were a year apart at CB West. I don't know that we knew each other (she was absolutely adorable and popular and I was shy and...well you get the picture) but she's been so nice to me the past few weeks.

I love the Chinese adoption community. It seems like there is a friend around every corner...

Love the beautiful pictures and so glad you had a safe and fun trip.