Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Open Air Theater

What a great night. Well alittle hot but a great night. We went to the Open Air Theater in Washington Crossing Park to see Sleeping Beauty. We met Mimi and Leigh, Laura, Kevin, and Emma, Jennifer, Jade, and Hailey. We started the evening with a picnic dinner at the park and then went into the theater to see Sleeping Beauty. It was a good show. 50 minutes total including intermission. Perfect for the kids. We got a few cute photos. They wouldn't stay still for the camera.


Laura said...

It was a nice night. We'll have to do it again near the end of the month when it gets cooler at night. Cute pictures.


Kate said...

Looks like a fun night!! I thought we would come and then I thought maybe you all weren't going since I didn't see a post or anything about it on the group??? Maybe you all made plans when you originally brought it up and I missed it.

Regardless...it looks like you had a fun time and that the girls enjoyed it!!


Kellyann said...

Looks like fun for all! If you go again we'd love to come.