Monday, July 14, 2008

Having fun at the BEACH!

We had 2 great beach days over the weekend. Saturday we went to the beach. In the afternoon the rest of Chaz's family arrived. Chaz's Mom, Sister, and Brother, and their families are staying 4 houses down from us right on the beach(we are 5 back from the beach but still have a great ocean view from our front deck). Chaz's Aunt Jan and Aunt Judy are 3 houses down from us. Chaz's sister Kathleen's daughter Kaylee is 3 years old. Katie played with her last year when we went to the Outer Banks. Katie was so excited for Kaylee to arrive. They played great on the beach together. It is so nice that Katie has alittle playmate.

Sunday our friend Lisa arrived. She is staying in our house. She is Mimi's roomate. Then we went to the beach on Sunday. It was a great beach day. The sun was shining and the water was warm. The waves were a bit rough. We tried to get into the ocean with our tubes but the water was too rough.

We spent the evening's grilling dinner and having drinks on the deck.

Dan and I took a walk on the beach last night. The stars were out and someone a few streets over were lighting off fireworks. It was great standing on the beach watching the fireworks. So many people were on the beach with flashlights looking for ghost crabs. There were so many crabs running across the beach. I want to go this week at night with a flaslight to look at the ghost crabs.
Katie and Kaylee

Katie running on the beach

This is a picture that Dan took at Bodie Island lighthouse. He took a bike ride to the lighthouse on Sunday and got some great pictures.

The view of the beach from our deck in the evening.

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Kate said...

Jen and Dan,

I am so glad the weather is cooperating and that you have had some great beach time!! THe pictures are lovely. The lighthouse picture is beautiful!!

It just sounds like a laugh a minute down there...enjoy every second...they pass so quickly!!

Grilling dinner....yum! And that view is so great!! Dreamy!

Can't wait to catch up on Sunday!!