Sunday, July 27, 2008

I have been tagged

I was tagged by Deb. Deb is a good friend from our local adoption group. Deb and her husband Kevin adopted Lotus last year. She is a beautiful little girl. Katie fondly calls her baby Lotus.

So what being "tagged" means is that I need to list 6 words to describe me. So here it goes!

Mom~I waited a long time for this title so this is the first word I am going to use to describe me. It has been an amazing experience so far being Katie Min Min's Mommy!

Friend~I consider myself to be a very good friend. I love my friends and really enjoy spending time with them.

LOUD!!!~I am loud and the more excited I get the louder I get. I am also a fast talker. I often get "in trouble" at work from one of the doctor's I work for. He is soft spoken and must have super sensitive ears. I am not that loud ;) I just love to laugh and have fun.

Compassionate~I believe I am a compassionate person. I know that I am a compassionate Nurse. I always treat my patients and their families with compassion.

Crazy Busy~We are constantly on the go. We are super busy all the time. But I love it!

Blessed~I am truly blessed. I have a wonderful husband and an amazing daughter. I have a wonderful group of friends. I have a caring family. I live in a friendly, family oriented neighborhood with an amazing group of neighbors who truly care. I live across the street from my BEST FRIEND. I have my health. I have a great job.

Well that's my words! Love to know how other people would describe me!

I am now going to tag 5 other tag your it!

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