Sunday, July 27, 2008

Christmas in July

Katie and I spent the weekend with my Dad. My Dad and his wife have a place in North Cape May at Cape Island Resort. Actually it is Grandmom Rita's place. My Step-Mother's Mother. We had a fun weekend celebrating "Christmas in July" at the campground. We arrived Friday night and the neighbors across the street had there campsite all decorated for Christmas. Katie loved looking at the decorations and the trains. We went to get ice cream Friday night. Saturday we went the the pool. Katie loved playing in the kiddie pool. I couldn't convince her to go into the big pool. She also played on the playground with Pop-pop. Saturday night Santa Claus arrived at the Pavilion on a golf cart. Katie had me write out her list to Santa Claus. She gave her list to Santa, posed for a picture and then got a great goody bag from Santa.

Her was what was written on her list.......

Dear Santa,
I would like the following. I promise to be a good girl and listen to my Mommy and Daddy.
1. Hannah Montana Brush
2. Dollhouse
3. People for the dollhouse
4. Jasmine and Belle Dress-up
5. A NEW Ariel Bride Dress
6. A barbie plate.
Thank you and I love you, Katie Min Min Miles

After our visit with Santa we went to Wildwood's boardwalk for the rides and some ice cream. When we woke up this morning there was a present left for Katie from Santa. Belle polly pockets. Santa know everything. Katie loves princess polly pockets. Then we went to a pancake breakfast at the pavilion. Thanks to Pop-pop, Grandmom, and Grandmom Rita for a great weekend.

Friday night after we arrived at the campgroundPop-pop pushing Katie on the swingsScaling wallsSwimming

Posing with the blow up Santa in front of Ron and Bonnie's

Delivering her wish list to Santa

Pop-pop trying to win the girls a prize

Katie and Katie on the tea-cups

Ice Cream~What a way to end the night!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Looks like you had a fun weekend!!

OMG...the ice cream cone looks bigger than Katie!

Saw your note about the tag....I am always happy to play along, but I was tagged for 6 words twice last month....not sure if I can come up with another 6 words....I will work on it!

Happy Monday....Have a great day!


Kate said...

Hey Girlie,

You already have the great pictures!!! Thanks for your sweet comments on my bloggy blog!

It sounds like loads of fun to have Christmas in July!! That ice cream cone looks so yummy....I love sprinkles!!!

Glad you had a fun time...I think this is the first time I have seen pictures of your dad!