Monday, June 30, 2008

Where did June go????

We have been really busy this past month. I haven't had much time to keep up with the blog. So I am going to sum up what we did the last month in this blog post. We celebrated Hailey's first birthday. Katie had so much fun at the party playing in the pool with the kids.

Daddy with Goddaughter Hailey

Katie and Gabrielle having fun swimming

Happy first Birthday Hailey!!!

We celebrated Father's day and Katie made her Daddy a "Build a Bear" Monkey dressed as a Carpenter for her Daddy. She called it "Daddy the Monkey". She couldn't wait to give Dan the Monkey. She ran and yelled to Dan on Father's Day...."I have a Monkey Surprise for you". Daddy even took the Monkey to work with him.

We celebrated Shannon's fifth birthday. Katie had a great time playing with all the kids.

Happy Birthday Shannon

Big Hugs

Katie and Seamus in the bathtub!

Katie went to see her first movie in the movie theater. We went to see Kung Fu Panda with our adoption group. Katie did not sit still in the movie theater and did not make it through the whole movie. I think if it was a princess movie if would of held her attention alittle better.

Katie ready for the movie, enjoying her popcorn. She started out in her seat but didn't last long.

The girls in front of Po

We also went to Sesame Place a couple of more times. Having season passes has been great. We go in the evenings for a few hours. By then it clears out and we can get right on all the rides. They also had a Dance Party for season pass holders last Friday night so we went to that.

Katie and Mimi

Bailey and Mom Mom Maureen

Katie and Daddy on the waterslide

Am I sassy or what???

Bailey, ZOE, Brady, and Katie
We spent a fun day with Paige and Avery at Sesame Place

The parish that I grew up in has a Fair every year. I have been going to it since I was a little girl. It comes to town every year for 2 weeks. It's a big deal and we go a couple of times each year. We always meet up with everyone at the pizza stand. This year Aunt Eileen was working the pizza stand. I won a fish for Katie. She was thrilled. She named him "Swimmy". The next morning she said she wanted to call him "Dorothy Swimmy". After Elmo's fish Dorothy. She keeps calling the fish a him but assures me that the fish is a girl.

Leaving for the FAIR on Tuesday night

Cheese Fries.....YUMMY
Having fun on the boats
Fair Pizza.....YUM!

Aunt Eileen working the pizza standFun at the Fair again on Saturday night

The whole family playing Bingo

So proud of "Dorothy Swimmy" our new fish

We also had fun around our house planting flowers and playing in the pop up Ariel pool that Daddy got at Walgreen's for $15

Daddy trying to get the pool to stand up

Katie helping Mommy plant flowers

We had a great June..........Bring on July!

Katie tired out from all of our fun!!!!!!


Sue said...

When do y'all sleep? You make my life read like a boring textbook. ; ) Love all the pics.

Sue & Alexa

Kate said...

Wow...that is a lot of fun!! I love the sassy one of Katie in her suit!! Her hair really is getting long!!! I just got Lia's trimmed was getting snaggly on the ends...these two really know how to grow some serious hair!!

Have a great time in the Outer Banks!!!! Can't wait to see pictures!!

MIMI06 said...

Can't wait to see what all the pictures of activities will be in July!!!