Monday, June 2, 2008

A Star Is Born

Katie had her first dance recital last Thursday and Friday night. She was GREAT!!! She got on stage and gave it her best performance. Thursday night was her tap routine to "Broadway Babies" and then Friday night was her ballet routine to "When You Wish Upon A Star". Both nights she was also part of the "Tumbling Tots". This is the best part of the show watching all the preschoolers tumble across the stage. Katie ran out on stage and tumbled with no problem. Thursday night she forgot to blow her kisses to the audience but remembered to do it on Friday night. She smiled and blew kisses right at the audience. So cute. After the show she was so excited to get her flowers and trophy. This is what she was waiting all year for. She kept talking about the recital over the last few months and how she was going to dance on the stage and then everyone would clap and she would get flowers from her Daddy and Brady. Well not only did she get flowers from Daddy and Brady but from Mimi, and Grandmom and Pop-Pop, and Grandmom Rita too. She also got a ballerina mousy from Mom Mom Maureen, a ballerina bear from Grandmom Pat and an Ariel doll from Uncle Jeff aka Prince Eric. What a fan club our little star has already.

Bailey was in the recital too and did a Fabulous job. Taylor and Alyssa also made their recital debut this year. They both did a wonderful job. I didn't do too shabby myself in my adult jazz and tap performances.


Kate said... all lok Fabuolus!!!! Katie is beautiful in her green and you look smokin' too!! Bailey looks like such a big girl! So pretty!!

Good job to all of you!!


MIMI2706 said...

I couldn't have been prouder than seeing my precious little granddaughter up on that stage showing what a happy talented little girl she is. I'm very proud of her Mommy too, since I'm her Mommy!!
Bailey was wondrful and Taylor and Alyssia congrads to also you all were GREAT!!!!!!