Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Day of Firsts......

We got Sesame Place passes again this year. Last year Katie wasn't able to go on all the rides and she also did not like getting too close to the characters. We went to Sesame Place today and Katie went on the Super Grover Roller Coaster..."The Vapor Trail". She loved it. I was alittle nervous about taking her on. But it said 3 years old and 36 inches. After Aunt Karen told her it goes really fast Katie could get out of her stroller fast enough to run to get in line. When we got on the ride Aunt Karen and Bailey were behind us and Aunt Karen said I am alittle worried and Katie threw her arms up in the air. We started laughing Katie wasn't nervous at all. You can buy a DVD video of your ride on the Vapor Trail. I bought it since it was Katie's first roller coaster ride. I will upload it to the blog once I figure out how to do it. Katie also went on her first water slide ride. Katie and Bailey went down the slide together in a double tube. She loved it.

Timmy went with us to Sesame Place and we got extra special treatment. This is his 6th year working at Sesame Place. He is personal friends with all the characters. Katie was so happy that Timmy told Abby Cadabby all about her and how much she likes her. Abby gave Katie lots of attention during the Abby Cadabby show. Thanks Timmy!!!!

Then to end a great day Bailey found a ladybug. How funny is that???

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MIMI06 said...

Way to go Katie!!!Fast rides are great!! A girl after my own heart!!!!

Love Mimi!!