Tuesday, April 8, 2008

That Nasty Squirrel

So Dan calls me at work last week to tell me something funny but disturbing that Katie said on the way to school. Dan and Katie were getting into Dan's truck to go to school and when they came out of the house the squirrel was eating the birds food. Katie starts to yell at the squirrel "Stop eating the birdies food Squirrel!". "That Nasty Squirrel!!". Dan gets Katie into the truck and she tells him to "Run the squirrel over with his truck and crush it". This is the disturbing part.

The next day I leave the house with Katie to taker her to daycare. There is the squirrel again eating the birds food. Katie starts again. "That nasty squirrel!". Continues to yell at the squirrel about eating the birdies food. Then I ask her "What did you tell Daddy to do to the squirrel?". She repeats about the truck running squirrel over. I tell her that is not very nice. She tells me "Well the squirrel isn't being nice eating the birdies food". Technically I guess she is right but Wow such violence with her wanting to crush the squirrel with the truck. I tell her that the birdies are being nice and sharing with the squirrel. I don't think she bought it because she continues to having an ongoing problem with the squirrel.

On the way home from school today she was asking about her Cinderella dress. She can't find it. I asked her "Where do you think it is?". She told me "That nasty squirrel took it". LOL.......so if you see a squirrel running around with a Cinderella dress on. That's our squirrel!


Kim Olson said...

They are so funny at this age aren't they?

Kate said...

this is just as funny reading as it was when you told it to me!! And I see we have another blogger in our midst....the first commenter to this post!!

Julia said...

Very Cute -
BTW if you put cayenne pepper in the bird food it keeps the squirrels out. About 3T per cup. Birds have no taste buds so it does not affect them. The squirrels on the other hand HATE it. We've done it for years


MIMI06 said...

She is so amazing, what an imagination!