Thursday, April 3, 2008

Big Girl Bed

Well we promised Katie when she turned 3 that she was going to get a "Big Girl Bed". I wasn't pushing the issue of getting her out of her crib. I figured since she wasn't climbing out of it let's leave well enough alone. But Daddy and Katie kept talking about the "Big Girl Bed" and Katie was getting excited about it. Originally I was going to buy her a bedroom set and move her room and let her pick out what she wanted. I was sure she would want princesses, everything is about princesses. But, since we are not getting her "Baby Sister" for probably another 2 years at least I wasn't ready to move her room. So we just got her a white toddler bed and a little nightstand(which Daddy has not put together yet.....hint hint Daddy). Since I have been sewing alot lately we went to Joann Fabric for her to pick out her blanket and pillow fabric. After looking at all the princess fabric she changed her mind and wanted Care Bears. So we got Care Bear fabric and I made her a blanket and pillow. It's been 2 weeks now and Katie has been sleeping in her big girl bed with no problem. We still have to read our books and rock her a little before bedtime. But, then she gets in her bed and instructs us to leave the light on and the door open and she goes to sleep. Then we sneak in and turn the light out later. She hasn't been waking up at night and it has been great!


Kate said...

She sure looks pretty happy and cozy in that bed. Love the sheets crafty Mama!!

Julia said...

OMG They grow so fast. Thanks for doing this blog it helps me keep up a little easier