Sunday, April 20, 2008

"High Wheels and Slip Slops......"

Katie is such a girly girl. She loves to play dress up and she loves her play high heel shoes. She can run in high heels better that I can walk in them. Last week she told me that Madison at school wears her princess dresses to school and she wants to wear her princess dresses too. I got her to just settle on a wearing a crown and her tinkerbell shoes in stead of a full princess get up. The next day she told me "I want to wear my high wheels, Lauren wears her high wheels to school". Too funny she was calling her high heels "high wheels". She also calls her flip flops "slip slops". She will change her outfit 3-4 times a day. Above are a few pictures of a day in the life of Katie Min Min.


Kate said...

What kind of day is it if you aren't wearing a crown???

missy said...

I just found your blog. Katie Min Min is a DOLL!!! I love girly girls. What fun she must be : )