Monday, June 17, 2013

The Wedding

While we were waiting to travel for Julia my brother got engaged.  My brother and sister in law planned their wedding for June 8th.  We were all invited to be in the wedding.  When the plans were made in February we had no idea when we would travel to China.  Originally when we got Julia's referral we thought we would travel in April.  After some waiting longer than anticipated for some clearances we knew we were not going to travel in April but had no idea when.  I kept following Facebook boards, Rumor Queen's forum, friends timelines.  Counting the days and steps to travel.  I knew it was going to be close.  I also knew there was a good chance we would not be at the wedding.  On April 25th we got Travel Approval from China.  My agency gave us potential travel dates of May 16th and May 23rd.  We had to still wait till the following week to wait for our consulate appointment.  Finally on April 30th we confirmed we were going to travel May 16th and arrived back in the USA on May 31st.  We would be at the wedding.  Once we knew we would be there my sister in law Colleen ordered Julia a little flower girl dress.  Dan ordered his tux.  I got my dress altered and we were all set.  Katie and I had ordered our dressed before we had our travel dates and prayed that we would be at the wedding.

It was a beautiful day in June.  The bride was stunning.  The groom handsome.  My family was all dressed up and ready to party.  The girls had a blast.  Julia had a blast dancing and running around.  Her first week in America and she was in a wedding.

What will week 2 bring?


Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my gosh! It looks like such a special day! I was really glad you made it in time. I LOVE the babies little cake. I am glad they had a beautiful day and your family could all be together.

Kate said...

Love it all! That Julia is a Miles through and through...easy to see that already! I am so glad you are blogging it all!

Jboo said...

Oh my -- what a beautiful bride and wedding party!! Looks like a wonderful time was had by all!