Monday, May 19, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away.....

We spent Sunday at 2 GREAT parties. The first party for was Paige who turned 5. Her party was at Veteran's Park in Hamilton, NJ. Katie just got on the playground and the rain started coming down. Luckily the party was under the pavilion and we were able to continue to celebrate with Paige. We will definitely meet Paige at the park for fun on that playground another day.

The second party was for Jade who turned 3. Jade is from the same Orphanage as Katie and part of our adoption group. The rain was coming down but that didn't stop anyone from having a great time. There was a petting zoo with a nice big tent over it to keep out the rain. Katie LOVED the baby chickens. She fondly called them "Boo Boo Chickens"(Donald Duck calls his chicken boo boo chicken on one of the episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) and she was so excited to hold the boo boo chickens. There was a llama, goats, sheep, rabbits, a tortoise, a millipede bug(which was gross), and chickens. The best part was feeding the baby sheep and goats a bottle. It was really great to watch the kids with the animals. They loved it!

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Kate said...

You did indeed get some good pictures of the animals! I love the one of Katie holding the boo boo chicken and Maddy feeding the great!!

Remember how you tried to pick the chicken up and it flew away??? That is still making me laugh. Thank goodness you got it back in the pen. But if the thing could fly, why didn't it just fly out of the pen, is what I want to know!!!